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  1. Dr. William Morgan
  2. Paul J. Maroga, dept. of Minerals, South Africa
  3. Pro. Pascal West, Ministry of Finance, Nigeria
  4. Sir Peter Handcock, Chancellor of Exchequer Office
  5. Burgess Jeffrey, United Nations Compensation Unit
  6. Philip Mulligan, United Nations
  7. Scott L. Peters, United Nations
  8. Dr. Lee Yung, UN Social Responsibility Cash Aid Programme
  9. Mr. Muhamad Hamzah Pansur, External Debt Burden Relief & Fiscal Policy IMU/WB, U.K.
  10. Bryan Anderson, Internet Fraud Unit
  11. Mrs. Lilian Douglas, UN World Fund Discovery Management And Payment Bureau
  12. Scoot Hans, FBI Police, Cameroon
  13. Mrs. Rosemary Anderson, International Monetary Fund, Benin
  14. Mrs. Dorothy Hills, Financial Service Authority (FSA UK)
  15. Dr. Wesi Lawson, ECOWAS, Ghana
  16. Mr. Felix Richard, African Development Bank Group
  17. Dr. Micheal Lyles, U.S.A. Embassy, Benin
  18. Barrister Leo Martins, Special advisor to the President, Nigeria
  19. Prof. Graham Smith, United Nations
  20. Dr. Mark Friedrich, United Nations
  21. Scott Rogers, United Nations
  22. Ibrahim Lamorde, EFCC, Nigeria, part 2
  23. Albert Bond, National Security Agency/Central Security Service
  24. Michael Solomon, New York Police Department
  25. Mr. Tony Richardson, ECOWAS Payment Office, London
  26. Dr. Mark White, World Fund Financial Management and Payment Bureau
  27. David Mike, United Nations Inspection, Atlanta
  28. Chalton Walters, United Nations
  29. Mark Wool, United Nations
  30. Dr. Paul Howards, UNHCR
  31. Petersom Smith/ Peter Smith, British Finance Monitoring Unit
  32. Kaith Morgan, FBI
  33. Mrs. Mary K. Omolara, Secretary to the President
  34. Rev. Patrick Elvis
  35. Mrs. Susan Kingham, UN World Re-compensation Commission
  36. James C. Morgan, Foreign Debt Reconciliation Committee
  37. Mr. Johnson Paul, United Nations
  38. General Sambo Dasuki, National Security Adviser to the President
  39. Prof. Wilson Nata, Committee of Inquiry
  40. Eng. Suswan Peters, Nigerian National Petroleum Corp.
  41. Scott Smith, United Nations inspector
  42. Franklin Fisherman, FBI agent
  43. Agent Beckam, Central Intelligent Bureau
  44. Sen. Paulker Izibefien Emmanuel, Nigeria
  45. Mr. Patrick Davis, United Nations
  46. John Henry Summers, United Nations
  47. Dr. Philip Daniel Christopher, US Embassy in Benin
  48. Rodney Bent, United Nations
  49. Rev Father Lauriera Labreche, United Nations for Internal Oversight Debt Services
  50. Cressida Dick, Metropolitan Police Service
  51. Maria Bongi Ntuli, Deputy Minister Of Social Development Of South Africa
  52. Donald Scott, United Nations inspector
  53. Lee Ju Yeol, Bank of Korea
  54. Jemes Bowen, FBI/ Alabama Department of Homeland Security
  55. Mr. George Eze, International Payment Office
  56. Barrister Oliver James, I.M.F.
  57. Jim Yong Kim, World Bank
  58. Dr Martins Feverrre, International Court Of Justice
  59. Anderson Michael, Ministre Du Finance, Bénin
  60. Greg Williams, Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)
  61. Mr. Oja James, Republic of Benin
  62. Ms. Rebeca Dantus, UN/IMF Online Awards
  63. John Fox, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
  64. Mr. Barrister Johnson, Federal High Court of Benin
  65. Carolyn Edward, I.M.F.
  66. Ms. Anna Nordstrom, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
  67. Michael Jefferson, US Department of State
  68. Thomas Onyan. Foreign Remittance Department
  69. Mike Benn, IMF
  70. Barrister Ahmed Mohammed, IMF Indonesia
  71. Dr. Grant Richard, Bank of Ghana
  72. Eng. Kofi Frimpong, Ghana Ministry of Energy
  73. Michael Gibson, I.M.F.
  74. James Goodman Jr., World Bank, Nigeria
  75. Mrs. Amanda Nkosi, Financial Intelligence Centre
  76. Cheng Morris, United Nations
  77. Dr T. Ezeka, Special Adviser to Minister of Finance
  78. Ms. Vivian Aaron, U.S Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control
  79. John Anderson, United Nations
  80. Dr John Idika, Special adviser to the President on Economic and Financial Matters
  81. Mr. Wayne Mitchell, IMF
  82. Marthias Sherperd, United Nations
  83. Mark David, Nigeria Investigation Bureau
  84. Engr Funsho Kupolankun, Nigerian National Petroleum Corp.
  85. Dr. Jim Harry, IMF
  86. Mr Frank Ajady, Ministry of Finance
  87. Howard Wilson, United Nations, Atlanta
  88. Mr. Daligton Fred or John Lee, IMF, Nigeria
  89. Barrister Stephen Herman
  90. Emmanuel Ayoola, Secretary to govt. of Nigeria
  91. Richard MarkWorth UN Victim Scam Compensation
  92. Anne Krueger, International Monetary Fund (IMF)
  93. L. Britt Snider, Inspector General of the Central Intelligence Agency
  94. Kenneth James, United Nations
  95. Engr. Dr. Jasper Ramontja, Dept. of Minerals, S.A.
  96. Anne Krueger, International Monetary Fund
  97. Johnson George, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)
  98. Frank Peters, United Nations/World Bank Group
  99. Mrs. Lori Smith, United Nations
  100. Thomas Wilson, United Nations/ World Bank
  101. Mr. Joe Gadisu, European Union, London Commission, UK
  102. Frank J Swan, United Nations
  103. Dr. Nkemjika Raymond, Finance Minister, Benin
  104. Mr. Thomas J. Harrington, FBI
  105. Jason Miele, United Nations
  106. Federal Ministry Of Finance, Benin
  107. Mr. Williams Hintz, United Nations inspector
  108. Dr. Jerry Adebayo, Nigerian national Petroleum Corp.
  109. Agent Anthony Davidson, International Police Authority
  110. Mr Peterson Owen (<info@usa.info>)
  111. Mrs. Stella Wilson, International Police
  112. John Okoro, UN Office of Legal Affairs
  113. Mrs. Magdalene Cole, Anti-Fraud Risk and Control
  114. Mr. Gilliard James Durward, FBI
  115. Miss Delores Jones, FBI
  116. Robert Blake, US State Department
  117. Mr. George Pirintzi, British Ministry of Finance
  118. Engineer Fathi Mohamed A. Abbar, People's General Committee for Finance, Libya
  119. Prof Lauren Smith, United Nations
  120. Roy Smith, United Nations
  121. Frederick Paul Gonzalez, United Nations Financial Authority
  122. John Edwards, United Nations
  123. Robert Lee, United Nation
  124. John Aboh, Special Adviser to the President of Nigeria
  125. Mrs Juliet E John, International Monitory Fund
  126. Mrs. Sandra Ben, Payment Reconciliation Panel, Benin
  127. Dr. Ernest Ebi, Presidency, Nigeria
  128. Senior Secretary, US Treasury Dept.
  129. Prof. Benson Green, International Anti Fraud and Financial Loss Protection Organization
  130. Ms. Tsan Songs, World Bank, USA
  131. Gabriel Anderson, United Nations/ ECOSOC
  132. Honourable Justice Georgina Theodora Wood
  133. Mr. Williams C. Dudley, Federal Reserve Bank
  134. Mrs. Antoinette Monsio Sayeh, IMF
  135. Lionel Kenway, Global Economic Crisis Foundation, U.K.
  136. Rev. Robert Williamson, Esq., IMF, Benin
  137. Rev. Fr. Jude Anderson, US ambassador to Nigeria
  138. Alcock Ckarlie (Charlie), United Nations Human Settlements Programme
  139. International Monetary Fund Compensation Unit
  140. Dr. Peter Well, United Nations
  141. Lieutenant General Peter A. Blay, Defense Staff, Ghana
  142. Zecca Angelo, United Nations Human Settlements Programme
  143. Matchette Barb, United Nations Human Settlements Programme
  144. Johnson Obi, United Nations
  145. Edward Harris, United Nations
  146. Mrs. Mariam Baiye, IMF, Washington or Zurich
  147. Mrs. Jennifer C. Kelly, Comptroller of the Currency
  148. Mr. Sean Hagan, UN Legal Department General Counsel and Director
  149. Adam Nigel Smith MP. House of Commons
  150. Mr. John Mike/ Barrister M Collins
  151. David Anderson, Department of Energy and Mineral Resources
  152. Prof. Larry Williams, ECOWAS
  153. Mr. Mr. James Uba, Federal Ministry of Finance
  154. Barr. David Wright - Federal ministry of finance office
  155. Dr. Tony Ben, Benin government
  156. Agent Johnson Raymond, FBI
  157. Mr. Chia Jananukool, Foreign Debt/Contract Payment
  158. Martin Johnson, un-named government
  159. Mrs. Deborah Hilton, United Nations Organizations
  160. Kelvin Jordan, United Nations
  161. Mr. Mario Paratore, United Nations Association of the UK
  162. Philip Owen United Nations General for Internal Oversight
  163. Rev. Jim Foster, World Bank
  164. Yerima Lawan Ngama, Minister of States Finance, Federal Republic of Nigeria
  165. Mr. Ben Thomas, United Nations
  166. Fredy S. Sumirat, U.N Secret Agent
  167. Marcus Whitaker, United Nations Human Settlements Programme
  168. Mr George Taylor, United Nation Board
  169. Ms Sausan Jeanet Ghosheh, UN Dept of Safety and Security
  170. Mrs. Hellen Walter, UN World Bank Assisted Program
  171. Dr. Sanusi Audu Shagari, Federal Ministry of Fin
  172. Mr. Christopher Davis, States Disbursement Committee
  173. Mr. Forture Mandisa, Dept. of Minerals, South Africa
  174. Barrister Andy Mike, Minister of Finance, Benin
  175. Joy-Divine Morrison, UN Habitat
  176. John McCully, UN Human Settlements Programme
  177. Richard Paul Morgan, United Nations
  178. Internal Revenue Service
  179. UN Development Online Grant Allocation
  180. Dr. Mrs. Jessica Iwoego, Federal Ministry of Finance
  181. Oby Issah, Federal Ministry of Finance
  182. Mr. Daniel K. Tarullo, Federal Reserve Bank, New York
  183. Dr. Peter Williams, Foreign Affairs Issues
  184. Alfred Riwanne, ECOWAS Commission
  185. Rev Father Ben Chris, United Nations
  186. Dr. Peter Moore, National Coordinator Foreign Payment.
  187. Mr. James William, National Assembly, Benin
  188. Kingston Lori, United Nations Human Settlements Program
  189. Gabriel Boulton, FBI
  190. Mr. Joe Yaovi, ECOWAS, Benin
  191. Amanda Hartnell, United Nations World Re-compensation Commission
  192. Sr. Jennet Williams, C.I.A.
  193. Mr. Morgan George Mbeki, Financial Service Authority, U.K.
  194. Agent Michael Smith, United Nations payment unit
  195. Mr. Ford, Chief Financial Officer - FBI
  196. Jackson Cole, UN Finance Department Italy
  197. Lisa Donald, Chancellor of the Exchequer, U.K.
  198. Agent Andy Brown, British High Commission
  199. Mr. Roberto Collins, British High Commission, Benin
  200. George Moore, Federal Reserve Bank of America
  201. Capt. Jeffry Adams, Email Account Investigation Agency
  202. Wendy Morison (mrs) UN Grant Coordinator
  203. Vuk Jeremic, United Nations
  204. F.B.I Franklin Fisherman
  205. Mark Johnson, U.S Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control
  206. Kelvin Gary, United Nations
  207. Mr. Marthins Jeni, Financial Minister, Benin/ or Western Union
  208. Ms. Cherry Bills - United Nations Under-Secretary- General for Internal Oversight
  209. Mrs. Sylvie Sidibe, Ministry of Finance, Burkina Faso
  210. Ms Dina Deliwe Pule, Minister of Communications, South Africa
  211. Eng. Mr. Emmanuel Pinto, United Nations, Heathrow Airport
  212. Miss Helen Higate, British High Commission
  213. Mrs. Rose Marie Harris, World Economic Forum/ IMF
  214. Prof. Ego Aku, Nigerian Presidency
  215. Eng. Joseph Obah, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation
  216. Dr. Godwin Brown, World Bank
  217. Rev David Boily, IMF. London
  218. Nigeria Government/ World Bank
  219. Dr. Williams Daniel, Nigerian presidency
  220. Malik Ali, West African Monetary Control Board
  221. Special Agent Felix Wells, FBI
  222. Mrs Gee Pascal, UN Envoy- Africa
  223. Michael King, International Anti Fraud Network
  224. Albert Moore, United Nations
  225. Charles Ben, Chicago O'Hare International Airport
  226. Mrs Katherine Dennis, British High Commissions
  227. Dr Frank Addo, ECOWAS
  228. Rev. Dr. Frank Rueb, America Embassy office Benin
  229. Tina Frank, HMRC Tax Credit Office
  230. Steve Morgan
  231. Dr. Williams Cork & Mrs. Rose Peter, United Nations
  232. Mr. Paul Goodluck
  233. Donald Hosko, FBI
  234. Mohamed Ali Kamaldeen, UNICEF/UN
  235. William Cassello, ICPC Nigeria
  236. Mrs. Stacy Bone, United Nations
  237. Ms. Lin Homer. HM Revenue & Customs.
  238. Jay Hambly, UN-Habitat
  239. Mr. James W. Victor, United Nations
  240. Dr. Fred Nicolas, United Nations
  241. Great British Ministry of Finance
  242. Dr. Phillip Ervin Walter, United Nations
  243. McGinty Lisa, United Nations Human Settlements Programme
  244. Mrs. Nancy Jones, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
  245. Capt. Jeffrey Adams, email account investigation agency
  246. Belo, Financial Office Payment
  247. Sir Ernet Ebi, United Nations
  248. Mr. Ferid Belhaj, World Bank
  249. Miyaki Koichi, United Nations
  250. Rev. Chris Ike Ojir, Federal Ministry of Finance