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  1. Falkland Islands Department of Mineral Resources
  2. Mr. Boaz Mwalusamba, Ministry of Mines and Natural Resources, Zambia
  3. Abu Mike, from some where
  4. European Union, United Nations & White House
  5. Joel Oko, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, (NNPC)
  6. Rev. Fr John Mani, U. N., World Bank
  7. Dr. Mervyn King/ Bank of England
  8. John Utombi, Department of Minerals & Energy, South Africa
  9. Hon. Dr. Adeniji, Foreign Affairs Ministry
  10. Patrick Ziza, Chief auditor to the president
  11. Abraham Musa, Secretary General United Nation Liaison Office
  12. Sir George Graham, U.S.A Government, World Bank, UN
  13. Rt Hon. Andy Burnham MP, UK
  14. James Nkonor, Dept. of Minerals & Energy, South Africa
  15. Rev. Terry Herbert, United Nations (World Bank Assisted Programme)
  16. Sathome Adam, N.N.P.C.
  17. Staci Miller, International Monetary Fund
  18. Dr. Usman Bello, Ministry of Petroleum, Nigeria
  19. President's Office, Federal Republic Of Nigeria, Dr Dave James
  20. Senator David Mark, Office of the Senate House, Nigeria, part 1
  21. James Oboh, Federal Inland Revenue Service, Nigeria
  22. Engr. Johnson Adebola, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation
  23. Adodo Yaw, Financial Committee on Foreign Contractors, Ghana
  24. British Hign Commission
  25. Nigerian Foreign Payment Investigation Agency
  26. Nasser Rana Dangote, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation
  27. William Kojo, Federal Ministry of Works and Housing in Ivory Coast
  28. Engineer Austin Egudu, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources (MPNR), Nigeria
  29. Elizabeth Amuebie, Legal Department For Governorediately
  30. Mary Anderson, Foreign Payment Investigation Department, Nigeria
  31. Tedd Richard, a Ministry, Scotland, UK
  32. Dr. Fank Madoki, Federal Ministry of Environment, Nigeria
  33. Olliver Southgate, United Nations Office
  34. Chief Raymond P. Douglas, Paymaster General, Nigeria
  35. Dr. Idris Aliu, Federal Ministry of Works and Housing, Nigeria
  36. Ban Ki Moon, United Nations, 2008
  37. Michael Ejimma, Financial controller, Nigerian National Petroleum
  38. Barrister Tunde Bello, Federal High Court, Abuja, Nigeria
  39. Rev Senator. James Mbah, Nigeria, money recovery
  40. Dr. Nelson Walter, Accountant General of the Federation, Nigeria
  41. Dr. Paul Toho, Chief Auditor to the President, Nigeria
  42. Hon Awudo Odo, Public Relation Officer London State Embassy
  43. Dr. Zubairu Suleman, Nigeria: Foreign Debt Reconciliation Panel
  44. Ibaraham Lamorba, EFCC, Nigeria
  45. Robert W. Mueller III, F.B.I., 2008
  46. Mr. Alex-Mustapher, Federal Ministry of Finance, Nigeria
  47. Usman Adabe, Committee on Foreign Payment, Nigeria
  48. Ahmed Sodiq, ECOWAS
  49. Dr. Patrick Azziza, Paymaster General, Nigeria
  50. Sir Eric Ben, United Nations And USA Government
  51. Boka Coulibaly, Dept. of Minerals and Natural Resources, CDI
  52. World Bank, Millenium Internet Awareness Program
  53. Steve Mazzie, Payment Cordinator, Nigeria
  54. Rigo Feretz, Nigerian National Petroleum Corp.
  55. Ibru Oboden V, (ECOWAS) Chairman
  56. Robin Renee Sanders, United state Ambassador to Nigeria
  57. Brad Todd, Federal Bureau Of Investigation (FBI), Washington
  58. Barrister John Scott, Chief Auditor to the President, Nigeria
  59. Usman Abubakar, Debts Management Office, Nigeria
  60. Mark Morgan, CBN, SWIFT, United Nations
  61. Dr. Thomas Frederich, South Africa, Department of Finance
  62. U.S. Senate Sub-Committee on Fund Transfers and Terrorism
  63. Donald Kwame, IMF, Africa
  64. Rev. Jonas Cooper, Director, Special Duties UNO/WBF
  65. Dr. Ben Headley, Auditor General, Nigeria
  66. Danbara Sadiq, Chief Auditor to the President, Nigeria
  67. Rtd. Gen Olusegun Obasanjo, Former President of Nigeria
  68. Lt. General Kunle Deji, National Security advisor, Nigeria
  69. Dr. Godwin Sekobe, Federal Ministry of Mineral and Energy
  70. Olorungun K. Kamokai, Department of Power & Steel
  71. Dr. Cosmos Christopher, ECOWAS, Togo
  72. Chief Auditor to the President, Nigeria
  73. Dr. John Bankole, Nigerian national Petroleum
  74. Dr. Chuck Baji, Office of the Senate House, Nigeria
  75. Melvin Blue, federal High Court of Nigeria
  76. Senate House of Nigeria
  77. Ken Ojei, Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources, Nigeria
  78. Engineer John Mustafa. Government of Ghana
  79. Yerima Musa, Federal Ministry of Works and Housing, Nigeria
  80. Dr. Bitrus Obama - Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation
  81. Baba Gana Kingibe, Secretary to Federal Govt., Nigeria
  82. James Ashford, Accountant General Of The Federation
  83. Julius Davis, Chairman, Foreign Debt Revolution Committee
  84. Office of the President, Benin
  85. Dr. Hammada Hisseine, Ministry of Health, Senegal
  86. Dr. Waziri Ibrahim, chairman senate committee, Nigeria
  87. Capt. George Donald, United Nations, New York
  88. Charles Alman, Chief Auditor to the President, Nigeria
  89. Bola John, Economic Financial Crimes Commision, Nigeria
  90. Dr. Howard Webb, United Nations, in Nigeria
  91. Dr. Racheal Collins, Secretary to the President, Nigeria
  92. Mark Osborne, Department of Mineral Resources, Isles of Scilly
  93. Sir Brain Williamson, United Nation
  94. Jonathan Pears, Sao Tome and Principe, National Petroleum Agency
  95. Richard Okoli, Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation
  96. Tony Collins, Federal Ministry of Finance, Nigeria
  97. Dr. Maurice M. Iwu, Independent National Electoral Commission Nigeria
  98. Frank Adams, Office of the senate house of Assembly
  99. Mariam Bello, Secretary to the President, Nigeria
  100. Morgan Garkson, Nigerian House of Senates
  101. Amos Zulu, Department Of Minerals And Energy, South Africa
  102. Prof. Larry Keyl, UN Compensation Department
  103. Dr. Asha-Rose Migiro, Deputy Secretary General, UN
  104. Adamu Bello, Nigeria Police Force
  105. G. G. Miccaglla, United Nations Development Program
  106. John Williams, Senate president, Nigeria
  107. Gareth George, Nigeria National Petroleum Corp.
  108. Brad James, F.B.I. redux
  109. Senate President, Nigeria
  110. Helen Press, Office of the Legal Affairs. United Nations
  111. Peter Marriot, British Finance Monitoring Unit
  112. Office of the Senate House of Assembly, 2008
  113. Mrs. Luis Peter, Office of the Senate House, Nigeria
  114. Mike Paul, Federal Internal Revenue Service
  115. Barrister Kingsley Domnic, Senate Comm. on Appropriation, Nigeria
  116. Lansan Kouyate, ECOWAS, Ghana
  117. Nigeria Interpol
  118. Ellias Green, Office of the Senate House, Nigeria
  119. Rev. Father Jones Maxwell Harth, United Nations
  120. Rev. Moses B. Marck, United Nations
  121. Sir. Paul Bryant, Royal House of Treasury
  122. Richard H. Farley, Chairman Committee on Foreign Contract, UN & USA
  123. Alhaji Usman Kazim, Nigerian National Petroleum Corp
  124. Blessd Williams, (Secretary-General) World Bank Group
  125. David Graham, UN World Grant Dept.
  126. Armand Agbo - ECOMOG
  127. Agent Larry Hans, Federal Bureau of Investigation, USA
  128. Dr. Dennis Adams, Ministry of Finance, Nigeria
  129. Chuck Baji, Nigerian National Petroleum Corp.
  130. David Williams, United Nations
  131. Dr. Juel Udemu, Nigerian National Petroleum corp.
  132. Steven Mokorosi, Department of Works and Housing,South Africa
  133. Tunde Naiyiju, Debt Reconciliation Ofiice, Nigeria
  134. Michael Andoakaa, Attorney General, Nigeria
  135. Obi Rodney, Office of the senate house, Nigeria
  136. Thomas Adepoju, chief Auditor to the President, Nigeria
  137. Dr. Richard Upe, Foreign Payment Monitoring, Nigeria
  138. Abbas Aliyu, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation
  139. Gerrald Fred, World Health Organization
  140. Dr. Ronnie Overs, United Nations, New York
  141. Patrick Aziza, Chief Auditor to the President, Nigeria
  142. Dr. J. C. Williams, Resolution Panel, Nigeria
  143. Reverend Charles Beckford, Federal Ministry of Works, Nigeria
  144. Sir Pedro Hills, United Nation and USA Government
  145. Dr. Sanusi Ibru, Accountant General of the Federation
  146. Dr.Micheal Mwanza, South Africa Department of Minerals and Energy
  147. Capt. David Williams, United Nations, New York
  148. James Zuma, Department Of Minerals And Energy
  149. Kingsley Evans, Presidential Priority Payment Centre, Nigeria
  150. Rev. Fr. Oliva Green, United Nations
  151. Capt. James Mandel, United Nations, New York
  152. Tony Marawa, Department of Public Works, South Africa
  153. Ibrahim Lamorde, EFCC, Nigeria, part 1
  154. Engineer Idioma St. Stmichael, Nigerian National Petroleum Corp.
  155. Ben William, London Investigation Department
  156. Compensation African Fraud Victims
  157. Sam Nduekwe, Minister for Information and National Orientatation
  158. Capt. James, World Bank Assisted Programme, New York
  159. Gary G. Moser. International Monetary Fund, U.K.
  160. Barrister Abbey Femola, chief Auditor to the President
  161. Alhaji Babagana Gingibe, Secretary to the Government of Nigeria
  162. Harry Raymond, Senate House, Nigeria
  163. mr mohammed azziz- minister for information and national orientation
  164. Senate Committee on Appropriation and Finance, Nigeria
  165. World Union Monitoring Institution
  166. Dr. Abraham Nwankwo, Director General, Debt Management Office
  167. Lt. Gen. Peter Olu, National Security Adviser, Nigeria
  168. United Nation Debt Reconciliation Dept, Geneva
  169. Dr. Thomas Goodman, Office of the President, Nigeria
  170. James Clark, Committee on Foreign Payment, U.K.
  171. Henry Dube, Department of Mineral Resources, South Africa
  172. Ahmed Al-Usman, Iraq Ministry of Oil
  173. Haruna Douglas, Debt Reconciliation and Verification Committee
  174. Mamadou Koulibaly, Senate President, Federal Republic of Cote d' Ivoire
  175. Oumar Bako, Ministre de la Construction
  176. Prof. Jerry Don, Clearing Officer International Monetary Fund
  177. Rev. Dr. John Eke, contract review panel of the Presidency, Nigeria
  178. Roy Martins, U.S. Agency for International Development
  179. Adams Nowan, Chief Auditor To The Presidentm Nigeria
  180. Ahmed Konte, Gold and Natural resources Ministry, South Africa
  181. Peter Attah, First Bank/ United Nations Compensation
  182. Khumalo Paul, Department of Minerals & Energy, South Africa
  183. Dr. Hamza, Abu, Nigerian National Petroleum Corp.
  184. Dr. (Mrs.) Eunice Dantokpa, Benin
  185. Nana Omaih, Ghana Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  186. Engineer Jason Mogoto, Department of Minerals & Energy, S.A.
  187. Barrister Adams Daniel, Chief Auditor, Nigerian president
  188. Briggs E. Anthony, United Nations Foundation
  189. Samuel Sekeramayi, Zimbabwe military
  190. Dr. Jonathan Mantasha, Ministry of Mines & Energy, South Africa
  191. Robert Gezi, Department of Finance & Economic Affairs, S.A.
  192. Chief Elias Nwosu, Nigerian Foreign Affairs Minister
  193. David Sheppard, Federal Internal Revenue Service, Nigeria
  194. Raymond Gina, United Nation Development Program
  195. Maxwell Oluwole, Federal Government, Nigeria
  196. Sam Toho, Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria
  197. Charles Ndube, Federal Ministry of Finace, Ghana
  198. David Heesom, South African Financial Service Board (FSB)
  199. Roger Bernaldez, Senate president, Nigeria
  200. John Holder, International Monetary Fund
  201. Sir Lane George Lane, Royal House of Treasury
  202. David Radebe, Finance Ministry, South Africa
  203. Charles Edward, Secretary, U.S. Embassy, Nigeria
  204. Dr. Lanre Coker, International Monetary Fund Agency
  205. Bishop Mark Ekeson, Chief Auditor to the president, Nigeria
  206. Horst Hieter Haensgen, Inter Banks Credit Commission
  207. Dr. Paul Acquah, Bank of Ghana
  208. Robert Glanden, Federal Bureau of Investigation
  209. Joseph Kofi Ada, Minister for Energy, Ghana
  210. Dr. Victor Eze, Finance Minister of Nigeria
  211. John Ogar Odey, Nigeria, Minister Of Information and Communication
  212. World Bank International Remittance Dept. ATM
  213. Paul Williams, South Africa, Department of Mineral Resources
  214. Dr. Vladimir Amherst, British Finance Monitoring Unit
  215. Mike Denison, Senate President, Nigeria
  216. Martini White, Interpol UK
  217. Senator Francis Duke, Nigeria
  218. Dominique Strauss-Kahn, International Monetary Fund
  219. Senator Ehigie Edobor Uzamere, Senate Committee on Local and Foreign Debt, Nigeria
  220. Engineer Ali Mustapha, Nigeria Petroleum Research Unit
  221. Sir Allen Smith, United Nations
  222. Mrs Rose Kerr, UK Compensation Scheme
  223. ATM Card SCAM, Nigerian government
  224. Chief Dr. (Mr.) Obi James, Senate Committee, Nigeria
  225. Why government emails are always fake
  226. Dr Gregory David, Policy Harnessing Committee
  227. Central Bank of Africa
  228. Daniel J. Plunkett, accountant (ECOWAS)
  229. Rose Hills, United Nations and USA Committee
  230. Steven M. Dean, Federal Bureau Of Investigation (FBI)
  231. Andrew Willson, United Nation Representative
  232. Prof. Jerry Douglas, Clearing Officer International Monetary Fund (IMF)
  233. Engineer Haenssgen Horst, United Nations Organization
  234. Joel Oko, Union Bank PLC.
  235. Richard Clampton, Bank of Nigeria, UK
  236. Joseph Makoju, United Nation compensation
  237. Martin Benjamin, U.K. government auditor
  238. James Huang Lin, Hong Kong Ministry of Mining and Resources
  239. Prof. Raymond Miller, Office of the Senate House, Nigeria
  240. Sherry Williams, Office of the Senate House, Nigeria
  241. Anthony Leach, International Monetary Fund
  242. United Nations Compensation
  243. Paul Clement, Anti-Fraud Unit, Nigeria
  244. Peter Lawson, United Nations, U.K.
  245. Remi Babalona, Secretary For Minister Of State For Finance, Nigeria
  246. Stan Ian Woodgate, UK Financial Monetary Service Authority
  247. Dr. Ovat Steve Jr, Federal Ministry of Finance, Nigeria
  248. Okwudor Ndegwu, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation
  249. George Alim, E.C.O.W.A.S., Ghana
  250. Akwasi Osei Adjei, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Nepad, Ghana