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  1. Sgt. Ryan Mayes, 3rd Battalion, Iraq
  2. Major John Krumm, in Afghanistan
  3. Sgt. Scott Wilson, U.S. Army
  4. Sgt Matthew Pemble, American in Iraq
  5. Staff Sgt. Irvin Brown Hennesy, American
  6. Sgt. David Joe, U.S. Army, Iraq
  7. Capt Jamal Miller, US Air Force, Libya
  8. Sgt. Ray Ruck, U.S. Marine, Iraq
  9. Sgt. Gregg Joseph, in Afghanistan
  10. Sgt. Paul William, American Soldier
  11. Sgt. Marcus R. Alford, in Iraq
  12. Capt Dan Nardiello, United States Marine Corps, Iraq
  13. Lt. Col. Kaleb Xavier Woods
  14. Major. Toni Malone, U.S. Army USARPAC Medical Team, Iraq
  15. Capt. Anita Schrumm, U.S. Army
  16. Sgt Cook Chad, US Military in Iraq
  17. Colonel David Harrison, USA, moving to Afghanistan
  18. Colonel Sanders White, USA, leaving for Afghanistan
  19. Staff Sgt. Jeff Lowry, Task Force 38 Public Affairs. Iraq
  20. Sgt Williams Chen
  21. Captain Walker Lee Wright, US Army, Iraq
  22. Sgt. John Travis, American marine in Iraq
  23. Sgt. Fred Wallace Don, US military, Iraq
  24. Sgt. Bill Anderson, 1st Armored Division in Iraq
  25. John England (US Military) From Iraq
  26. Sgt. Sharon Kerr, American, 3rd infantry division, Libya
  27. Sgt. Paul Smith, American
  28. Capt. Dave Wayne, officer
  29. Capt. William Johnson, army contractor
  30. Sgt. Jeremiah Woods, US Army's 3rd Infantry Division, in Iraq
  31. Captain Andrew Leung, Canadian army, Afghanistan
  32. Capt. John Henderson, American in Iraq
  33. Col. Charles Grigsby, US Army, Iraq
  34. Spc. Crisma Albarran, in Iraq
  35. John Adams, American in Iraq
  36. Lt. Casey Burns Bradley, U.S. Army USARPAC Medical Team.
  37. Capt. Steve Rogers, American in Iraq
  38. Captain Hurlburt Nathan, American marine in Afghanistan
  39. Capt. West J. Lee Jr., 3rd Marine Division, Iraq
  40. Capt. Jonathan Crow, Engineering military unit, Iraq
  41. Sgt. Roland Spencer, United States Marine Corps, Iraq
  42. Capt. Prieve Sullivan, USARPAC
  43. Colonel Micheal Holloway, NATO-ISAF Task Force
  44. Major Samantha Hamilton
  45. Major Julia Holmes/ Gloria Hart, U.S. Army USARPAC Medical Team
  46. Major Sarah Curtis Johnson, U.S. Army USARPAC Medical Team
  47. John Castle England, NATO Engineering Unit, Libya
  48. Capy. G Smith
  49. Major Kim Evans in Iraq
  50. 2nd Lt Sandra Taylor, American Combat Soldier, Iraq
  51. Sgt. David John Pakas - US army in Afghanistan
  52. Sgt. Ralph Deleon - US Marine in Iraq
  53. Colonel Greg McKiernan, American in Afghanistan
  54. Capt Peter Ferguson, US Army
  55. Sgt Frederick Smith, USARPAC Medical Team
  56. Major Caroline Lewis, U.S. Army USARPAC Medical Team
  57. General William Ibe
  58. Sgt. L. J. Mcmillan, in Iraq
  59. Sgt Allan Scott, American in Iraq
  60. Captain Benny Ray, in Afghanistan
  61. Capt. Jack Smith, American in Iraq
  62. Lt. Col. Micheal Williams, 1st Armored Division in Iraq
  63. Capt. Amanda Prieve, US Army USARPAC Medical Team
  64. SSG Mark Phillip, American Soldier in Afghanistan
  65. Capt. Steven Cookkson, Engineering Unit, US Military, Baghdad, Iraq
  66. Col. Thomas Collins, UN/NATO in Afghanistan
  67. Sgt Justin Clinton, American
  68. Sgt. Major Alex James/ Baghdad
  69. Capt. Williams J Taylor, in Afghanistan
  70. Colonel Thomas Harrison, U.S. Army, Moving to Afghanistan
  71. Daniel Harris, American in Iraq
  72. Capt. Salvatore Gallardo, US Army
  73. Sgt. Michael Bowman
  74. Lt. Col. Micheal Williams, in Iraq
  75. Golan Christo Lars, in Southern Iraq
  76. Sargent Philips Wells, Iraq
  77. Sergeant Brian Horn
  78. Gen. Larry Nicholson, in Afghanistan
  79. Capt. Kenneth Preston, US Marine in Iraq
  80. Sgt. James Clayton, in Libya
  81. Dajjal Mahmood, NATO Air forces in Libya
  82. Col. Brian, US military in Iraq
  83. Lt. Gary Landry, Attempted money transfer
  84. Capt. Steve Harry, Marine in Afghanistan
  85. Cpt. Anita George, U.S. Army USARPAC Medical Team
  86. Capt. Walter Santos, in Afghanistan
  87. Capt. Donald Hennson, American in Libya
  88. Major Marvin Hill, in Afghanistan
  89. Capt. Martin Long, American in Iraq
  90. Capt J. Anthony, American in Iraq, 2012
  91. Capt. Clinton West, United Nations, in Iraq
  92. Sgt. George Lucas, in Afghanistan
  93. Sgt. Thomas Jeferson, USMC, Kabul
  94. Maj. Kevin Cochie, US Army
  95. Captain Jose Edmar
  96. Capt. John Anthony. American in Afghanistan
  97. General Joel Mills
  98. Capt. James Hans, American in Iraq
  99. Sgt. Jason T. Cambell, American in Iraq, Part 2
  100. Perker Snuggert
  101. Sgt. Maj. Micheal Harrison, UN in Iraq
  102. Lt. Gen. David M. Rodriguez
  103. Major Theresa Jones, U.S. Army USARPAC Medical Team
  104. Capt. Joe Patton Jr, Afghanistan
  105. Capt. Tony Hall, Afghanistan
  106. Major Susan Jones, U.S. Army USARPAC Medical Team
  107. General Daniel Ruddork
  108. Ali Ibrahim, British Army, going to Afghanistan
  109. Capt. Anthony Steven, USMC in Libya
  110. Capt. Hall Henson, US Army in Iraq
  111. Capt. Jens Scott, US Army in Iraq
  112. Ray Heide, an American soldier, Eastern Afghanistan
  113. Corporal Linda Watson
  114. S/Sgt. David Kraft
  115. Col Brian Kent - American in Afghanistan
  116. Staff Sgt. Barry Kirkland, American
  117. Capt. Trevor Hall, US Army
  118. Alen Barbara, 1st Battalion Scots Guard, Iraq
  119. Sgt. John Samuel, US Army in Afghanistan
  120. Commandant Mike Robert, US Marine in Afghanistan
  121. Mr. Brown, American in Afghanistan
  122. Sgt. Frank William
  123. Col. Tom Kurlick, Kansas
  124. Sgt Henry Morgan, American
  125. Capt. Danielz Rafaelz, in Libya
  126. SSGT Owen Bruse : Afghanistan
  127. Colonel James Watts : Afghanastan
  128. SSGT Mark Medina Tucker : Iraq
  129. Col. Joel Mills, USMC, in Afghanistan
  130. Major Brenda Lopez
  131. Major Ronny Smith, US Army, in Afghanistan
  132. Pvt. Graham T. Thurston, British soldier in Afghanistan
  133. Sgt. Laz Whitaker, UN troops in Afghanistan
  134. Ellis L. Wayne, Ordnance and disposal expert, Afghanistan
  135. Col. Russel William, UKTI Defence and Security Organisation
  136. Sgt Larry Smith, Engineering military unit in Iraq
  137. Sgt. Zenobosky Walter, American in Iraq
  138. Captain Michael Brown, American in Afghanistan
  139. Capt. Baker Hall, U.S. Army
  140. Sgt. Richard J. Hart in Iraq
  141. Capt. Anita Hall, U.S. Army USARPAC Medical Team
  142. Major Martha Gomez
  143. Sgt Gregg Joseph, American Soldier in Afghanistan
  144. Sgt John Adams, American Soldier in Afghanistan
  145. Dr. Mrs Rose Peter, US Army, Afghanistan
  146. Sgt Tyson Crawford, American in Afghanistan
  147. Sgt. Larry Mason, US military in Afghanistan
  148. Sgt. Richard Gonzalez, American soldier in Iraq
  149. Lt. Gen. William Caldwell, 1st Armored Division in Afghanistan
  150. Sgt. Williams Moore
  151. Col Johnson David, USA army in Afghanistan
  152. Engr. Carl Stewart, Engineering Unit of the US Military
  153. Captain Greg, American in Afghanistan
  154. Cpt. James Hans, US Army, Afghanistan
  155. Capt. Patrick Ziller, United States Marine Corps, Afghanistan
  156. Capt. David Michael, United States Marine Corps, Iraq
  157. Captain Rapheal Smith, US Army in Afghanistan
  158. Capt Joseph Lucien, US Military, Iraq
  159. Col. Eric Fred Wright, US Army
  160. Sgt. Frank William Taylor, Afghanistan
  161. Mr. Mark Gaby, NATO soldier in Afghanisatan
  162. Captain Sanni Abba, British soldier in Afghanistan
  163. Capt. Matt Pottinger, US Army in Afghanistan
  164. Sgt. Leonard Miller, United States Marine Corps, Afghanistan
  165. Lt. Joe Albert, United States Army, Afghanistan
  166. Sgt. Jason Garza
  167. Capt. John Odierno, American in Iraq
  168. Capt. William Johnson, Special N.A.T.O coalition force in Afghanistan
  169. Major Gloria Isaac
  170. Mr. Brown, American in Afghan
  171. Lt Juliette F Mustafa, British Royal Marine, Afghanistan
  172. Spc. Nicolas Brandon, 1st Battalion, 75th Regiment, Afghanistan
  173. Herbert Smith or GoldSmith (American Intelligence Soldier in Irak)
  174. Corporal Fiona Ross, British Military Hospital in Afghanistan
  175. Mrs. Ashia J Anders, Red Cross, Afghanistan
  176. Capt Sherif Abdul Razak, military intelligence, Afghanistan
  177. Gen. Raymond Odierno, Public Affairs Office
  178. Sgt. Ashley Brown
  179. Lt. Col. Michael La Fontaine, US Army, Iraq
  180. Ltc. Paul Anderson, American in Iraq
  181. Capt. Jeffery Hembree, American, maybe in Afghanistan
  182. Sgt. James Baker
  183. Sgt. Larine Rose Ivan, American in Yemen
  184. Colonel James Frank, in Afghanistan
  185. Col. Jack David, U.S. Army (Afghanistan)
  186. Col. John Patrick Herman
  187. Sgt. Zafar Patrick
  188. Staff Sgt. Gary Bourland, American in Iraq
  189. Sgt. Gerry Gilsenan, United Nations troop in Afghanistan
  190. Cpt. Emily Stehr, Afghanistan
  191. Joshua Despain
  192. Lt. David Barkindo, American in Iraq
  193. Lt Arthur Martins, US Army, Afghanistan
  194. Captain Ryan Larson, Military Man in Kabul, Afghanistan
  195. Capt Anthony John, American in Iraq
  196. Spc Robert Willard of the 1st Battalion, in Afghanistan
  197. Sgt. Angelica Johnson, 3rd infantry division
  198. Captain Jeff Brown
  199. Sgt. Jason Kane, US Army in Afghan
  200. Major Waye Bartles, 82nd Air Borne Division in Afghanistan
  201. Capt. Joe Hall, US Army
  202. Ken John (Sgt. Kane), American in Afghanistan
  203. Sgt Clifford Wiggins, American in Afghanistan
  204. Capt. Dean Wolz, American in Afghanistan
  205. Sgt. Dean James Donald
  206. Sgt. Susanne Lee, American doctor in Afghanistan
  207. Lieutenant Andrew Ferrara, in Afghanistan
  208. Capt. Thompson Kendrick, US Army, in Afghanistan
  209. Staff Sgt. Andrew Lester, American
  210. Col. Geoff Woods
  211. Ltc. Anson Bernard, U.S. Army in Iraq
  212. Lt. Colonel James Waldegg, in US Air Force and Philanthropist
  213. Major Mrs. Mariana David, U.S. Army USARPAC Medical Team
  214. Capt. Robert Miller, NATO unit in Afghanistan
  215. Capt. Emily Fritts, in Afghanistan
  216. Harry Powell, in Afghanistan
  217. Capt. John/ Capt. Michael P. Brab /Cpt. Johnner, US Army
  218. General John F. Campbell, NATO forces, Afghanistan
  219. Capt. Jon Hutchins, NATO in Afghanistan
  220. Sgt. Martins Olwen, US Army
  221. Gen. David Smith, US Army
  222. Sgt. Cynthia Ivy May, American in Yemen
  223. Major John M. Dawson, in Afghanistan
  224. Captain Amadou Sanogo - Republic of Mali
  225. Dr. Justin Krueger
  226. Sgt. Micheal Rogers, American in Iraq
  227. Captain Haruna Sule, from Mali
  228. Sgt. Stephen Bitner, US Army in Afghanistan
  229. Gen. William E. Ward
  230. Sgt. Monica Brown, USA Military Hospital in Afghanistan
  231. Capt. Denis J. Skelton
  232. Sgt Carter F. Ham, American
  233. Capt. Spiecer Woods, American
  234. Lt. Frank Wiercinski, American in Iraq
  235. Sgt. Pyros Stephane, American moving to Syria
  236. Sgt. Powell Hardee Jr., U.S Army 3rd Infantry Division
  237. Cpt. Sam Gallardo, American moving to Afghanistan
  238. Sgt. Silvia Toth, US Army in Afghanistan
  239. Maj Gen John Batiste, of USA
  240. Maj. Peggie Wooten, US Army
  241. Capt. Thomas Boyd, US Army in Afghanistan
  242. Cpl. Eirween Sylers Juddy, Royal Marines, Britain, in Afghanistan
  243. Lt. K. J Hamilton, US Army in Iraq
  244. Major Kelly Curtis,
  245. Sgt Tamara Williams, US Marine Corps, Afghanistan
  246. Dr Yelda Haafiz, NATO in Syria
  247. Capt. Michael Kelvington, America marine in Afghanistan
  248. Major Alan Edward, American in Afghanistan
  249. Sgt. Nancy Donna - on Active Duty in Sana, Yemen
  250. Sgt. Stanley Goff, American in Afghanistan