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  1. Sani Musa, South coast Courier Service
  2. Guild Express Delivery Service
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  4. Lilian R. Smith, Scarlett Express Diplomatic Courier Service
  5. Mr. Wellington, Fedex Courier Service
  6. Albert Okocha, Fedex Courier Service
  7. Sam Brown, FedEx Nigeria
  8. Margaret Blaire, FedEx Online Team Management
  9. FedEX Express, Nigeria
  10. Dr Wilson Shiloh, Global Diplomatic & Delivery Company, UK
  11. Mr. Victor, UPS Courier Express, Benin
  12. Collins Edward
  13. Michael Smith FedEx West Africa?
  14. Margaret Jose, FedEx Customer Service
  15. Dr. Donard R Owo, Fedex courier
  16. James Donald, FedEx Express Services Lagos - Nigeria
  17. Martyn Fisher, United Parcel Service
  18. Smith Washington, FedEx Courier Company, Benin
  19. Max Global Diplomatic Company
  20. Richie Morrey, U.P.S., Nigeria
  21. Contact Rooney James, FedEx
  22. Robert or Roberts Brown, Fedex
  23. Dr. John Godwin, UPS Manager, Benin
  24. Paul Porbeny, Courier Service Company
  25. Dr. Dave Godwin, UPS, Benin
  26. Larry Moore, FedEx, Nigeria
  27. John Miller, Federal Express (Nigeria)
  28. FedEx Courier Service
  29. Felicia Paul, FedEx Online Team Management
  30. Angel Lampard, FedEx.com Online Services
  31. Thomas Gross, FedEx Niggeria
  32. Fedex Courier Company (UK)
  33. Greg Martins, FedEx, Nigeria
  34. Dr. Jerry Cook, Fedex Benin
  35. Uche Opara, Fedex Courier Service, Nigeria
  36. Frank Owen, DHL London
  37. Dr. Joseph Omage, USPS Service Company
  38. Kate Hood, Fedex courier
  39. James Adams, FedEx Express, Lagos
  40. William Cross, Fedex, Nigeria
  41. Dr. John Williams /Intercontinental Security and Delivery
  42. Kate Hood, UPS Courier Company, Nigeria
  43. Wilson Watson, Fedex Postal Service
  44. Henry Morgan, Fedex Express
  45. Dr Brian Bevan, Scarlet Courier Security Service Int'l Ltd
  46. Daniel Jones, United Parcel Service (UPS)
  47. EL- Mussafa Adams, Global Courier Network Services -Mauritania
  48. Jerry Osborne, Tradomedics Delivery
  49. Mr Jarry Mark - package delivery.
  50. Alan Hart, Nigerian Fed Ex scam
  51. James Blaire, Fedex Courier, Nigeria
  52. Hagopian Dorothy Farrell, TNT Delivery Company
  53. Mark Williams, Fedex, West Africa
  54. Mark Onyeze, Global Expresscco Courier
  55. Rita Gantel, Fedex Courier Company Nigeria
  56. Mr Mark, UPS Secretary
  57. Nwafor Joseph, FedEx Courier Service, Nigeria
  58. Koffi Mawuli, Union Trust Courier Company., Togo
  59. Garry Anderson, Skynet Courier Service
  60. Sam Brown, DHL Express Services Lagos Nigeria
  61. Larry Adams, Fed Ex Online Team Management
  62. Richard Raynor, Fedex Online Team Management
  63. Mike Walkerman / Fedex
  64. Pamela H. Wilson, UPS Courier, Nigeria
  65. Collins Obi, DHL Nigeria
  66. Mr. James Brad, FedEx Courier International, USA
  67. Mr. Johnson, Agricultural Development Bank Ghana Ltd.
  68. Ahmed Abedi, Bank of Africa, Burkina Faso
  69. Garry Campbell, HSBC Bank London
  70. Dr Steve Abu, Barclays Bank plc, London
  71. Ernest I. Oji - First Inland Bank Plc NIGERIA
  72. Wes Brown, Sun Trust Bank, payment
  73. Moore Roy, FedEx Online Team, Nigeria
  74. Andy Jerry, Asia Pacific Courier International Malaysia
  75. Ifex Courier Company, Benin
  76. Sarah Hellen, FedEx Express Services Lagos -Nigeria
  77. Package with Fedex, Nigeria
  78. Rita Lydia, Fedex Courier Company Nigeria
  79. Mrs. Nini Magenta, FedEx Online Management Team
  80. TNT courier company, my package
  81. Mrs. Freda Johnson, Fedex Courier Department
  82. Mark Steven, Oceanic Bank International
  83. Mr. Prince Owode, United Bank for Africa, Nigeria
  84. Mr. Koffi Mensah. Ecobank, Togo
  85. Goodluck Jonathan, Union Bank Plc.
  86. Dr. Mrs Stella Uzoma, Bank of Africa/ United Nations
  87. Renold Roger/ Fedex Delivery Company
  88. Cena Leonardo, FedEx Online Team Management
  89. Mr. Danny Fred, FedEx Courier Services
  90. Anthony K. Neil, Citigroup
  91. Rev. Smith Williams, Fedex, Nigeria
  92. Jonathan Baily, FedEx U.K.
  93. Fedex service company
  94. Mercy Hunt / SkyNet Courier Service
  95. Alex Butt, DHL Delivery Service
  96. Samuel Brown, United Courier
  97. Sherry Akachi, Unity Safety Parcel Services
  98. Garry Moore, UPS Courier Company, Nigeria
  99. Miss Theresa Knapp, Western Union transfer
  100. Mrs. Uche Bassey, FedEx Express Services Lagos
  101. Dr Paul Paker, Fedex Nigeria
  102. Mr Mike Okafor - FedEx Nigeria package
  103. Mr. Berkeley Green, Western Union transfer
  104. Raggy Sham, FedEx Delivery Company
  105. Sharon Cole, DHL Express Services Lagos
  106. James Heman, FedEx
  107. Mrs Angel Lampard (Esq), Parcel Express Company ( Nigeria )
  108. Gary Alis, FedEx Red Star Courier Management Team, Nigeria
  109. Mr. Collins Alex, FedEx, get your package
  110. Rev. Brown Walters, FedEx Courier, Nigeria
  111. Mr David Rich, Fedex Courier Services
  112. Dr. Nana Abey, Wan Li Da Courier Extention, Ghana
  113. William Smith, Fedex Courier Nigeria
  114. Phoenix Mcferrin, UPS Courier
  115. David B. Peters, FedEx - World-Tropic Courier Services International
  116. Ronald Newton, DHL Express Limited
  117. Joy Obi, Douglas Hall - FedEx
  118. Mrs. Angela Enorma, FedEx Online Team Management
  119. Mr. Collins Alex, UPS Courier Customer Service
  120. Mrs. Ivia Obama, Fedex Courier Company
  121. Bryan Smith, Fedex Courier Service
  122. TNT Courier Service
  123. Mr Akin Thomas, Fedex Courier Company
  124. Mrs. Donna O Kean, FedEx Delivery Services
  125. Annabel Johnson, FedEx Courier Company
  126. Robert Johnson - Fedex package
  127. Victoria Wallison, FedEx Online Team Management
  128. Dr. Jeffery Anthony; Apex Courier
  129. Susan Tony, FedEx
  130. Richard Lary, Fedex Courier
  131. D. Wayne, DHL
  132. Tracy White, DHL Online Team Management
  133. James Moore, FedEx Red Star Courier Management Team
  134. Mrs Lisa George /UPS Online Delivery Post
  135. United Parcel Service
  136. Mrs. Pearl Feldmesser, FedEx (Red Star Express) International
  137. Mr. Frist Wright, FedEx Express Courier
  138. Rev John Amarula, FedEx West Africa Seasons Promo For Customers
  139. Rose Williams /Dhl Courier
  140. Tom Smith, DHL Courier Company, Nigeria
  141. Dr. Terry Martins, DHL Couriershiping Company
  142. Thomas Hardy, FedEx Delivery
  143. Mr. Rinkuta Ambalaji / DHL Courier Service
  144. Mrs. Linda Brown - DHL Nigeria PLC
  145. Prof. Charles Brown / UPS delivery dept
  146. Jane Peters, Fedex Nigeria
  147. Mrs. Sandra White, DHL Online Team Management
  148. Mrs. Selena Wallison, FedEx Online Team Management
  149. Agent Susan, FedEx Online Team
  150. You Have Package
  151. Mrs. M. Etienne, FedEx
  152. Mrs. Kate Hegedus, UPS Courier
  153. David Wellington, Fedex Courier Oakland
  154. John Brich, DHL Delivery Company Online Team Management
  155. Mrs. Anabell Green, FedEx Online Team Management
  156. Rita Marian, Fedex Courier Company
  157. Mrs. Wan Nawawi Ismail / FedEx
  158. Mrs. Tracy Philip, FedEx Online Team Management
  159. Peters Collins Isichei, FedEx Express Nigeria
  160. Bruce Bryant, FedEx Online Costumer Service
  161. Robert Dobie, Fedex
  162. Mr. Mohammed Logan, Fedex, Benin City, Nigeria
  163. Adeniji Cole, DHL, Lagos
  164. Tracy White, FedEx Online Team Management
  165. Mr. S. K. Adams, Diplomatic Courier Corporate Office Worldwide
  166. Mrs. Mercy Hunt, FedEx Courier Express, Nigeria
  167. Rev. Capt. Godwin Simon, Landex Freight Services (LFS)
  168. Mr. Famous Clark, TNT Courier Company West-Africa
  169. David Make, Express mail Service Benin
  170. Dr. David Banner - United Parcel Service, Inc.
  171. Nawaz Sheriff, FedEx, Nigeria
  172. Martha Duncan, FedEx Online Management Team
  173. Patrick Gardner, Global Express Delivery
  174. Babatunde Davis, FedEx Express Nigeria
  175. Uga Tom Western Union
  176. Kenneth Nwosu, Dhl Service Delivery
  177. Mr. Celestine Agab. - Speedway Courier Service
  178. Dan Walters. ADC Express Delivery Service
  179. Herry Morgan, United Parcel Service Nigeria LTD
  180. Dan Walters, ADC Express Delivery Service
  181. Christian Bernard, Speedway Courier Company
  182. Mary Maxwell, Apex Courier Company
  183. Mr. Terrance Harvey, DHL Courier
  184. Mrs. Susan Patrick. FedEx Online Team Management
  185. Capt. Orji, Fedex, Benin
  186. Sandra White, UPS Parcel Service
  187. Mrs. Christiana Adamson, FedEx Online Team Management
  188. Mary Maxwell. FedEx Online Team
  189. Mr. Samuel Dalor, DHL International Express Courier, Benin
  190. Robert W Benjamin, One World Express Courier Co. plc
  191. Linda Brown, FedEx Courier Company.
  192. Dr. Fredrick Sanchez, DHL Cago, Benin
  193. Mrs. Victoria Williston, FedEx Online Team Management
  194. Lawrence Beringa, British Airways World Cargo
  195. George Padmore, HSBC Bank, London
  196. Mr. Park Harry, Hi-Speed Freight Services Ltd
  197. Mrs. Amanda Bright, FedEx Online Management
  198. Wahala Pikin / DHL Delivery
  199. Edward Chigozie, FedEx Courier Services Company
  200. Mrs Merry Gary, FedEx Online Team Management
  201. Bello Musa, Bank of Africa Burkina Faso
  202. DHL International
  203. Mrs Edna Preacher, DHL
  204. Susan Allan, Fedex
  205. Peter F. Holt, Trans Diplomatic Cargo Service London
  206. Mrs. Yoan Paltalk, Fedex Online Team
  207. FedEx Award Team
  208. Mrs. Annabel Johnson, UPS, Benin City, Nigeria
  209. Mr Robert Brown, DHL, U.K.
  210. Mr. Kevin Williams, Fedex Courier
  211. FedEx Courier, 2010
  212. George E. Samson, ScarLet Courier Ltd.
  213. Mr. Les Richeson, Chase Courriers
  214. Mr. John Sidibe, Fedex Nigeria
  215. Josh Lundis, Federal Express Courier Service
  216. Mr. David Moore, Fedex Nigeria
  217. Mr. James Forster, UPS Couriers Africa
  218. Michael Walker, Heathrow Couriers
  219. Ken Moore, Fedex, Nigeria
  220. Iwueze Caleb Nweze, DHL Service Nigeria
  221. Dr. Andy Clark, Fedex Express, Benin
  222. Mrs. Ann Benjamin, FedEx
  223. James Gibson/Davis G Wupman/Bank Draft, Cway Global Delivery
  224. Mr. Isa Rasheed, FedEx Online, Nigeria
  225. Mr. Larry Smith - Fedex Courier Service
  226. Mrs. Rebecca Royse, FedEx Online, London
  227. Robert Tailor/Bettie Witcher/Office Of Western Union Money Transfer
  228. Dr. Rev. Davis Morrison/Federal Express/Delivery Services Authority
  229. Mrs Tracy Cole/Fedex Express Delivery UK
  230. Olando Kolawale Martins, Errand Express, Lagos
  231. David Morgan, Customer Services, Live Courier Service
  232. Nze Jack, Andy Lord, Speed Trust Company
  233. Mrs Donna Page, Dan Osas, FedEx
  234. Barrister Acosta Mark, Dr Ahmed Zu, DHL Courier
  235. Barr Wendell Beppler (JP), Desmond Great,DHL Funds Transfer
  236. Mr. Owen Peterson, contact Amtrak
  237. Mrs. Marry Johnson. FedEx On-line Team Management
  238. Mrs. Carlos Saito, FedEx
  239. Mr. Clement Smith, TNT Courier Service
  240. Mrs. Linda Joy, FedEx Online Team Management
  241. Daniel Smith, Dispatch Officer, Universal Air Courers Ltd.
  242. Mr Peter Chukwuma, UPS
  243. Mr. Johnson Rich, FedEx, Nigeria
  244. Mrs Isioma Okonji, FedEx
  245. Diplomat Harry Gibson, UPS Delivery Management
  246. Sir Franklyn Eneden, FedEx Nigeria
  247. Mr. Hilton Wattford, Inter-Link Express Courier
  248. Mr. Adams Terry, FedEx Nigeria
  249. Mrs Agness Maduekwe - DHL plc, Nigeria
  250. Mr Dominic Leonard, FedEx, London