View Full Version : Stranded Traveler Scams

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  2. Tom Grady, needs emergency help.
  3. Jo Ann, she needs help
  4. Mildred Derrough Pope, Very urgent please
  5. Adrian Rosa, in Africa, needs emergency loan
  6. Hansel Gregory, emergency money
  7. Jules-Gontran Capo-Chichi, an emergency
  8. K. H. Kim, lost his wallet
  9. Ahmad, needs help
  10. Guy Parson, the old lost wallet trick
  11. Engr. Aslam Khan, lost wallet
  12. Anthony DelValle, stolen wallet
  13. Hendrik Robot, stolen wallet
  14. Boyd Nystedt, stolen wallet
  15. Ken Ditkowsky, stolen wallet
  16. Marilyn Bowen, stolen bags!
  17. Shah Rehman, lost wallet
  18. Ling Lu Chan (Kenny), everything is stolen
  19. Hook Janting, lost everything
  20. Angela Teaford, everything stolen
  21. Erik Bjertnes, Hotel Burned down...
  22. Gibson - I need 1,200 Euro
  23. Trapped in Madrid - Help me
  24. JoAnn Lutey, Money stolen in London
  25. Robert Cahill, lost everything in London
  26. Mary Osazuwa, lost money in Lagos
  27. Jefferson Stinson, in U.K.
  28. Dhannie Tugade, lost his money in Madrid
  29. Clarence D. Smart, lost money in Cyprus
  30. Jerry Vaidich, lost his wallet in Spain
  31. Sahadeva Sahoo, lost money in London
  32. Huu Pham, mugged in London
  33. Mohsin Abbas, lost his wallet
  34. Timothy Good, lost his wallet in Spain
  35. Celine, life's a bitch
  36. M. Madison, lost wallet
  37. Marion Quincy, needs help in Spain
  38. Olga B. Jaquez, lost wallet in London
  39. Ken, wants help in London
  40. Wolf Emonds, stuck in London
  41. John, hotel
  42. Lawretta Clum, everything stolen
  43. Tracy Maters, stuff stolen in Malaysia
  44. Marna Hale, in London
  45. Cathleen Robinson, problem in London
  46. Tharsile Zafindrafenoarivo, in Spain
  47. Marie Brigitte Prouvost, in Spain
  48. Benjamin Joseph Pierce, in Scotland
  49. Edith Tovar, lost money
  50. Ted Rondeau, bad trip
  51. Tony Ogio, in Spain
  52. Jerry Kobbeman, in Cyprus
  53. Janet Owen, in Spain
  54. Yvonne Rasul, in Spain
  55. Jerome Ellens, in Spain
  56. Martins Brandon - stranded in Spain
  57. Pricilia Linda Jones, in Nigeria
  58. Victor Jal, in Spain
  59. Walter Robertson, lost money in London
  60. Spain trip
  61. Robyn Smith, assistance
  62. Debby, help in Spain
  63. Heather R. Lawrence, needs help
  64. K. Venkatachaam Karaikudi, emergency please
  65. Daryl Siedentop, needs help everywhere
  66. Marcelino Rosario
  67. Carol Biel, in Philippines
  68. Richard Beazley, robbed in Manila
  69. Lori Herrmann, vacation problems
  70. Steve Artinian, vacation problems
  71. Merilyn Obrien, trouble in Manila
  72. George W. L., on vacation in Manilia
  73. Marjorie Adam, in the Philippines
  74. Opral Benson
  75. Marek Celinski
  76. Robert Becknell, in Poland
  77. David Becker
  78. Bob Becknell, in Ukraine