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  1. that made the news - on average over 300...

    that made the news - on average over 300 Liberians are arrested every year for black dollar scamming in Thailand alone but not all their stories make the press
  2. well the number is going through but he is not...

    well the number is going through but he is not picking up lets see if he calls me back

    Thailand postcodes are numerical and definitely would never have a roman character

    the Rachdamnern address...
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    Thailand does not offer load and go cards - if...

    Thailand does not offer load and go cards - if the card details are available the person that opened the account can be traced and then with some further investigation it is usually not difficult to...
  4. Is it just me or are there really global...

    Is it just me or are there really global hotspots, the countries mentioned are notorious for scam operations, it is well known that Nigerian and Malaysian police are taking bribes from scammers and...
  5. very sad

    this format attracts mugus to the idea of flying to Burkino for some face to face action and many mugus are flying to West Africa for some action and in some cases the mugu is sponsored by other mugu...
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    419 Never Die? The Death of a Scammer

    Classic shot of a busted 419er
  7. Youtube Channel selling Copper and black dollars!!

    Published on Jun 12, 2013

    We have available for sale best quality copper wire scrap with copper purity of 99.99% and other scraps like aluminum...
  8. Black Dollar Boy Selling Bulldog Puppies on Youtube

    Published on Oct 1, 2013

    We specialized in the breeding of Beautiful cute and playful English bulldog puppies for adoption and English bulldogs for...
  9. Ajayi Sunday Olufemi

    I have never met a scammer named Ajayi Sunday Olufemi but I have met scammers with the names Ajayi, Sunday and Olufemi so this guy Ajayi Sunday Olufemi must be a perfect specimen for 419 analysis and...
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    it should be remembered and the fact propagated...

    it should be remembered and the fact propagated that many 419 scammers especially those with extortion formats can turn violent when the scam reaches the face to face stages many people recieve...
  11. Whites are bigger than blacks

    yes there is an mass exodus of foreign scammers to Thailand many joining the boiler rooms or working from home, black and brown scammers are very noisy and high profile with their bulk mailings...
  12. Thailand: Ukranian and Iranian ATM fraud gang busted

    20 Million Baht Foreign ATM Card Fraud uncovered by Pattaya Police
    Posted on July 28, 2013 at 5:05 pm

    A 20 Million Baht fake ATM card operation run by a Ukrainian has been uncovered by Pattaya...
  13. New Zealander caught Nigerian scamming with Cameroon Boys


    BANGKOK, July 24 – Members of a so-called ‘Black Money’ fraud gang were arrested in Bangkok with counterfeit US dollar banknotes while delivering fake banknotes to a Thai customer.

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    scamming monks

    that monk did a buddha scam where he collected money to make a giant jade buddha but built it from resin scamming billions and now he is suspected of drug dealing like hundreds of other monks in...
  15. the scammers warn the victims in so many ways: ...

    the scammers warn the victims in so many ways:

    1) they are guilty of money laundering
    2) they know where they live
    3) they know your family
    4) Police are greedy and looking to seize black...
  16. They are very believable and that is why they...

    They are very believable and that is why they reap so much

    Here is yet another quote:
  17. videos that create waves in the global black dollar community

    The cells here are slightly bigger but there are around 40 per cell - When he was told he had a right to a lawyer he answered "nah I don't wanna hire a 419er to fight for me"

  18. Fake UK company creates misery for poor Africans

    Although the UK police are notorious for inability to squash these cyber fraudsters it should be noted that in this scam tens of thousands of Africans are being scammed and the UK does little to...
  19. The Black Dollar King of Junk - Drap Tap 419 Movie

    Drap Tap - The Black Dollar King - After Australia's 60 Minutes released it's documentary SCAMMED...
  20. Thread: Musa Kamara

    by ThaiPol

    Musa Kamara

    Musa Kamara - anthropological studies into the adaptation to host religions by a nomadic businessman and the compulsive charismatic behavioral pattern...
  21. Liberian Scammer with Japanese Victims caught on CCTV

    Do you recognize the Liberian scammer caught on CCTV, after losing 860,000 Thai Baht the Japanese victim reported the incident to Thai police. Jammy...
  22. Three Thais arrested in Cambodia for "Black Money" scam


    SA KAEO, June 6 -- Three Thai nationals were arrested in Cambodia near this border town for allegedly involved with a so-called Black Money fraud scam and trading counterfeit banknotes.
  23. Agent Connolly busts West African crime cartel in Bangkok Black Dollar Wash Wash boys caught on video and then gunpoint, hear those handcuffs crunch!

    Secret agent Robert Connolly from Australia successfully...
  24. Story transcripts 60 minutes

    Friday, May 31, 2013

    Reporter: Allison Langdon
    Producer: David Alrich

    We've all heard of the Nigerian scammers -...
  25. Poor human resource management in Aussie Law Enforcement

    the problem is not understaffing but human resources, the IQ of Aussie police is very low and the government should arrange for more experts to train and educate them so they know how to handle such...
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