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Date: Sat, 19 Jul 2008
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From the Desk of Director Ange Koffy, PDG
BICICI (Banque Internationale pour le Commerce
et l'Industrie en Côte d'Ivoire filiale de BNP-PARIBAS)
Address: Av. Franchet d'Espérey, 01 BP 1298 - Abidjan 01
Tel: 21 37 23 93, Mobile 00225-06840132
Fax: 06 77 12 26, Telex: 23870, Swift: BICICIABIA

Kind attention of:

With reference to your email dated 15.07.2008 I wish to inform you that Miss Sandra Benjamin has express her wish of transferring her inheritance fund to your position. However, I have explained to Miss Sandra Benjamin that her late father deposited this fund in fixed suspense account for onward transfer only. And this fund has been dormant and need to be reactivated before it could be transfer to your account.

Regarding the global war against money laundering and terrorist activities, Bank and Government of every nation would like to clear this fund from illegal offences before crediting recipient account.

Therefore, we need some legal documents/authorization clearances from the probate registry in the ministries of justice and finance here in Abidjan Cote D’Ivoire and this documents are as follows:

1) Letter of Administration/Authorization
2) Sworn Affidavit for claim/truth.

These documents will enable us to wire the fund directly to your account and I have told Miss Sandra Benjamin the possibility of obtaining these documents from the competent authorities here by using the help of our bank accredited attorney. And these documents will also cost you and your partner some money to obtain from the ministries which I have already told your partner and she was complaining that she don’t have the money to process the documents required and I requested her to look for someone who is capable of helping her. Now that she has presented you as her foreign partner and the legal beneficiary to receive her inheritance fund, it is my obligation to inform you that this transaction only cost money and there is no way the fund could be transferred to your account without using money to process the required legal documents. Hence I have decided to help you this way;

You and your partner will arrange the money to reactivate the domiciliary account of late Mr. Wilson Benjamin, and upon reactivation of the account, Miss Sandra Benjamin will be now allowed to withdraw money that she needs to obtain the required documents from the ministries. So I will advice you to go and reason with your partner Miss Sandra Benjamin about the account reactivation fee. Once you are able to come up with the account reactivation fee, we shall now commence action with the onward transfer of the fund to your nominated account.

Thanks for your co-operation.

Mr. Ange Koffy, PDG
Banque Internationale pour le Commerce.

We work from 7:30 to 17:30hrs GMT, From Mondays to Friday And From 7:30hrs to 12 noon on Saturdays.

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