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Subject: Email Prize Award 2008
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2008
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Email Prize Award 2008
Officina 2210: C/National 22-4.1
C.P 22800, Madrid.

2008 ELECTRONIC MAIL AWARD NOTIFICATION: The gaming board (BONO LOTTO).is pleased to inform you of the result of the online award program held on the 25th of August 2008, as part of the yearly international award promotional program. Your E-mail address attached to lucky Number: 4426765 and Batch Number: EU85011, was awarded the sum of EUR1,000.000 (One million euros).is to be paid in Cash or any other payment option choosed by you.

This program is organized to promote special internet products, online banking,internet,microsoft users and aid to the under prividledges.etc. This draws was conducted formally and winners were selected through a special internet ballot system from 40,000 individuals and companies E-mail addresses.

As a winner you should keep your online number strictly confidential to avoid double claiming. Details on how to receive your award shall be given to you by your agent as soon as you contact your Agent. For immediate release of your winnings, please contact our Fiduciary Agent below and send them the following information:
Full Name:
Contact telephone and fax numbers:
Contact Address:
Winning numbers (Lucky No and Batch No):
Awarded amount:
Awarded E-mail address:
Notification date:
STANBIC FINANCE SEGUROS S.A, Contact person: Mr. Xavi F. Luis, Email: [] Officina: AVD. Blasco Ibañez 16-18, C/ P 28001 Madrid Spain. Tel: 0034 659 579 895, LOTERÍA NACIONAL PRIZE TICKET CODE: 103701006