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Thread: DFI and Costal Travel, Pat & Rita Schuett

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    DFI and Costal Travel, Pat & Rita Schuett

    While DFI and Costal Travel, and Costal Travel seem to be legitimate companies, the following e-mail is a SCAM.

    Costal Travel's legitimate website is www.coastaltravelinc.com

    The scammer website says "my website" and links to http://www.mydfilive.com/cmp/CF-@FEIDC-@HFFIACG/ (edit: I changed part of the web link) and the e-mail is [rita@mydfilive.com] Mydfilive.com is not even a web page.

    The e-mail looks good with a nice beach picture at the top and nice looking logo.

    The body of the message:

    To: [bunnysmile98@hotmail.com]
    From: [rita@mydfilive.com]
    Subject: See what’s possible with this business
    Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2009

    Hi XXXX, I just received your request for information about working from home with DFI and Coastal Travel and I wanted to get back to you right away!

    My name is Pat & Rita Schuett, and I’m a real person who’s actually making money at home—and I can help you do the same. I work with a great team called DFI in a company called Coastal Travel.

    I won’t waste your time Mayla, but I do want to give you a very quick overview on why DFI and Coastal are worth looking into.

    First, if you haven’t seen the short video overview on my website yet, I encourage you to watch that now – you’ll see exactly how this business works.

    My Website (link to fake site)

    You can make anywhere from 1,000 to 9,705 per transaction with this company. We pay more than any other home business out there!

    Making just one sale a month puts you at no less than 24,000 a year! Imagine making two or three times that much – working out of your home! It’s incredible.

    In addition, being a part of the DFI team ensures you get immediate support and step-by-step training. We want you to succeed and we’ll work with you to make sure it happens!

    Mayla, to find out more, I strongly urge you to visit my site and then give me a call. I can give you all the details you need to decide if this business is right for you.

    I look forward to speaking with you!

    Pat & Rita Schuett
    My Website

    PS: I can help you profit as soon as next week if you’re interested. Just get in touch with me right away!

    (c) Copyright Cutting Edge Media 2008

    This commercial email has been sent through the MyDFILive mail platform to
    [bunnysmile98@hotmail.com] from [rita@mydfilive.com]

    Mailing address: 2303 S. 352nd Ave; Tonopah, Arizona 85354

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    DFI Coastal Team

    DFI Live is in fact a legitimate team from Coastal Vacations - they are a group of very ethical business people who use the methods of Dani Johnson to market the Coastal Vacations opportunity.

    The Coastal site which you reference as the legitimate one is the main Coastal Vacations business site - many teams within Coastal then have their own sites in addition.

    Both are legitimate.


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    The second website mentioned above is dead. I don't know how that qualifies it as legitimate.
    Every time you click a scammer moans in agony; every time you post a scammer screams in pain!

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    And dude, this thread is like 3 years old.
    419- You can check out any time you want but you can never leave!
    And don't take off your shoes!

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