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Thread: Malaysia: Four Nigerian kidnappers held

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    Four Nigerian kidnappers held

    Tuesday June 22, 2010

    SHAH ALAM: Four Nigerians who abducted the son of a Nigerian politician studying at a private university in Cyberjaya, were arrested together with their Malaysian and Indonesian girlfriends in Cheras.

    Selangor acting CID chief Asst Comm Omar Mamah said the 28-year-old student was abducted while walking along the main road outside his campus on May 23 and had been kept tied up in a rented terrace house in Bandar Damai Perdana, Cheras for a month.

    All four Nigerians and two women in their 20s to 30s were arrested14 hours after the victim was released at about 1.30am on June 20, in Cyberjaya. All have been remanded until June 27.

    “We were alerted of the abduction after the victim’s brother informed the police on May 24, the day after the incident, upon receiving a call from their parents in Nigeria,’’ he said, adding that the abductors had asked for a RM30,000 ransom.

    ACP Omar Mamah said the victim had been hit on the head, back and legs and received outpatient treatment at a hospital in Cyberjaya for his injuries.

    “Police also seized three laptops, a camera, 15 hand phones, 11 forged passports and two cars, a Proton Saga and Kia Spectra.

    “We believe this group is involved in a syndicate that makes forged passports as Zimbabwe, Zambia, Pakistan, Thailand and Philippines passports were found,” he said.

    ACP Omar Mamah added that the group was also linked to another abduction on Feb 18, where a Nigerian student from the same varsity and her friend were abducted.

    Both female students were released on Feb 24, after their families in Nigeria paid a ransom of US$15,000 (RM52,500).

    ACP Omar Mamah said that all the four Nigerians do not have valid travel documents.

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    It seems like this would be a crime with little chance of success. I wonder why they bother?

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    Kidnappin Brothers

    The Nigerians kidnap people from all over the world and extort money from them the problem is probably not recognised as just a few stories ever make the media. Most kidnapping happens in Nigeria. Here though he has kidnapped an influential Nigerian which is even more risky - These guys were probably driven by various LEO to their doom. When they jump on the train of muguhunters it is going to be like a rollercoaster ride and they do love the adrenalin rush, change sim cards, abandon email account, open new email account, swap SIMS with a brother, share new email username and password with a gang of brothers, swap passports with a brother, use fake passports to open a few bank accounts, buy some bootleg software "Advanced Mail Header Forgery and Proxied Bulk Mailing software collection 2010" perfect for corporate marketing activites.

    Normally 419ers dont make too many mistakes but when One Night in Bangkok and the world's your oyster and you smoke too much of that Ice Ice babay which once a scammer tastes he just loves, as one scammer said "damn those crystals are almost as addictive as a 419 rush, scoring a bag of ice in Bangkok is easier that scoring a mugu and it aint stepped on like back on the Lagos streets."

    Ice brings out the most evil in people, just as western tourists who smoke Bangkok Meth and move out from their gogo bars and end up busted for paedophilia 419ers leave their email cafes and start resorting to kidnapping either whilst high or after when they have too much DTs to type another email.

    note recently African gangs smuggling Ice from Africa to Malaysia have been caught a few times whilst in transit in Bangkok's airport.
    ur enemies free madness 2 go kolomental n say wahala dey u must not sing owusagi cos idi ok anyone dat sees u will shout Oyoyo, u b God's Pincode n u must Yahooze on d lord cos eno easy 2 b God's screensaver?

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