Now Hiring.We are a dynamic Organization Development and Management Consulting firm involved in helping Companies achieve market leadership and Improve connections

between professional services firms and their client organization. Our company is currently conducting a survey on Western Union Outlets to help measure and improve

effectiveness of the services they provide to the general public. This is as a result of complaints from some of Western Union reliable customers about the behavior and orderliness of most Western Union outlets.

The survey involves you visiting a Western Union Outlet in your area to patronize their business services as a customer and give us feedback on your

overall customer experience by filling a simple online questionnaire. Each survey takes a maximum of 20 Minutes to complete and you’ll be paid $85 for every survey

completed, No Sales Involved and this will not inconvenience your present occupation.

If you are interested in participating, please send us a reply with the following Info..

Your Name:
Street Address:
Zip Code:
Cell/Home phone number:
E-mail address:
Present working Status:
Resumes should be pasted into the email. No
attachments please.
we’ll get back to you after receiving this information to confirm your

participation in the survey.

Your faithfully,
John smith

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