Contact Person:Mr Vladimir Contact Email: Yahoo ID: Skype: vladimir_stroganov Contact Number: +60129339477
This is typical scam spam posted by evil scumbag thieves, pretending to run companies selling consumer electronics. Lets see what we find by searching on that Malaysian phone number:

Crap, what the heck was that!?

Sex: Male
Birthday: February 10
Siblings: Lamee Jay Gold
Oluwatosin Shefiudeen Lamina
Lhermeenar Lherthief
Relationship Status: Single
Interested In: Women
Looking For: Friendship Dating Networking
Current City: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Hometown: Ilishan, Ogun, Nigeria
Another Nigerian scammer in Malaysia. Will these idiots ever learn what happens to Nigerian criminals who get caught by police over there? It's not pretty. They don't appreciate these scumbags coming over and destroying the reputation of their country as well.

Mobile Phone +60 129339477
Address Lagos, Nigeria
AIM Olumide Lamina Makkoly

The details this spammer uses for his thief business need some exposure:
Contact Email: dlsr.telephones at
Contact Email; dlsr.telephones at
Skype: vladimir_stroganov
Telephones: +60129339477
Kuwasiliana Email: dlsr.telephones @
Kuwasiliana Email; dlsr.telephones @
Web Site:
Contact Person: Mr Muhammed Putari