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date Wed, Oct 6, 2010
subject I shall expect your earliest response

May I first of all apologize for this unsolicited correspondence?

My name is Winnie Gaillard, the eldest son of late Professor Micha Gaillard from Haiti but presently reaching you from the Scotland.

My main purpose of contacting you is based on the positive developments on the struggle to inherit my late father's funds. Please permit me to explain to you the full details of this transaction. My late father Professor Micha Gaillard, the opposition leader of the incumbent government of Haiti died on the 14th of January 2010 following serious injuries sustained from the earthquake. Before my father's untimely death he was at the verge of flagging off his electioneering campaign of which he attended a politically related meeting at the Ministry of Justice in Haiti where he was at the moment the natural disaster struck my country. As a strong figure in Haiti and the largely preferred next President (if he had participated in the election), he generated funds from well-meaning Haitians in and outside Haiti for his electioneering campaign just as it happened during the electioneering campaign of President Obama where millions of dollars where raised from in and outside USA to !
support him.

Having no confidence on the incumbent government of Haiti and the alarming rate of continued decay of infrastructure especially in the banking system, he considered saving the funds in a politically stable environment where it will be safer and easily accessed when needed but unfortunately he did not live to actualize this long battle to emancipate the people of Haiti.

In conformity with the inheritance laws of Haiti and as the next-of-kin to my late father, I have processed the inheritance documents as required by the Haiti laws, sent official letter to the concerned bank through a reputable lawyer and the entire process has been successful and reached conclusive stage.

I am studying in Scotland with my only brother but had to be in Dublin as a matter of urgency to attest to vital documents of this inheritance protocol in accordance to the bank's inheritance laws. I am not interested in politics and have no interest in returning the funds to Haiti where there is a complete breakdown of law and total collapse of infrastructure especially in the banking system.

As a young undergraduate with little or no experience in handling financial matter, I crave your indulgence to please take charge as the custodian of this funds thus investing large part of it into a lucrative venture in your country or outside your country as it pleases you. The amount involved and every other detail you may need will be made available to you upon confirmation of your good desire to partner with me in actualizing this great plan.

I shall expect your earliest response.

Winnie Gaillard
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