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Thread: Mrs. Helen Cole, AIB Finance, U.K.

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    Mrs. Helen Cole, AIB Finance, U.K.

    From AIB Finance UK PLC
    Return-Path: <test@nbjys.cn>
    Received: from, China, Ningbo Education Science Center, [anti_spam@mail.nbptt.zj.cn]
    Reply-To: <info1client@yahoo.co.jp>
    From: "AIB Finance UK PLC"<test@nbjys.cn>
    Subject: Your Payment with us.
    Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2010


    Verification of Your Inheritance.

    We officially inform you that we are having an issue with the release of 5.2 Million pounds deposit of late Engr. Martin's to you as his next of kin as presented by C H P Atkinson Law Office Suite E7.3, Joseph's Well, Hanover Walk, Leeds Yorkshire United Kingdom - LS3 1AB

    The law firm advised that this deposit be processed and pay in your favor with the account information as provided below:

    #1 Ally c/o Wachovia
    1525 West W.T. Harris Blvd.
    Charlotte, North Carolina 28262
    #2- Routing #: 031201467
    #3- Swift Code: PNBPUS33
    #4- Account #: 2000049264876
    #5- Name on Account: William Henry Hlatky
    #6- Account # for William Henry Hlatky: 3020003889

    In accordance with our banking regulations to verify all inheritance claims before payment, we deemed it necessary to make this urgent contact with you. To further assist us in confirming the rightful beneficiary of this deposit and effect payment accordingly, please do provide us with:

    1. Your full name:
    2. Nationality:
    3. Complete address with zip code:
    4. Telephone/ Fax Number:
    5. Age:
    6: Occupation:

    Once we are in receipt of your response, our legal department will contact you with related documents for your confirmation to enable us proceed with the release of your funds.

    We look forward to hearing from you

    Mrs. Helen Cole
    Foreign Operations Manager

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    Red face are you for real??

    A relative of mine got an email saying he has to pay over two thousand dollars to receive an inheritance of over twenty million from a relative that died from AIB FInance in the UK, at 20 Edgward Rd in London. Is there any truth to this??? or is this a scam Please email me at (removed)

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    Inasmuch as the previous post indicated a scam format sent from China, anyone telling you that you have to pay money to get money is running a scam operation. Please do not send them money.
    "Though the pen is mightier than the sword, the sword speaks louder and stronger at any given moment." - Sir Roger Fenwick

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