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Thread: Kurt Bosshard

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    Hotel Sinai

    Kurt Bosshard

    Beware if this person, a Swiss national, tries to check into your hotel. He owes us literally thousands of Swiss francs after checking out pretending that he did not have sufficient funds in his visa card to cover all his costs and by giving us a phoney bank transfer sheet in our favour from the Deutsche Bank.

    He may be accompanied by a German lady, of Slovak origin, Ms Ivanka Welkert, of Berchtegaden, Bayern.

    Mr Kurt Bosshard does not have a known address as he preys on various elderly women and finds free accommodation with them

    We found also that he has been using our hotel address as an office address for various fictitious companies that he was pretending to operate.

    He has unpaid debts in Swizterland, Germany, Austria, and now Egypt.

    He is also wanted by the police in Switzerland, Egypt and Germany.

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    Der Verfasser dieses Textes ist uns sehr wohl bekannt...er versteckt sich hinter Anonymität, als Engländer mit CH-Pass und Bekennung zum moslemischen Glauben mit der Auffassung, dass er der Herr aller Dinge ist und unbescholtene Personen mit Rufmord Ehrverletzung belasten kann.
    der Herr hat es sich erlaubt, eine alte Dame in seinem Hotel in Folge gesundheitlicher Probleme, ohne einen Notarzt aufzubieten, im Zimmer sitzen zu lassen. Zeugen haben erklärt, dass dieser Herr Angst gehabt hat, dass die alte Dame hätte sterben können.
    Der moslemische Glaube wie der Koran beinhaltet solches unmenschliches Verhalten in keiner Weise. Der Herr ist zu verurteilen für sein unwürdiges und charakterloses Verhalten und möge bedenken, dass alles, was er anderen antut, irgendwie auf anderem Wege wieder auf ihn zurück kommen wird.
    Dies beruht auf einem Naturgesetz.
    Wir haben diesen Text zum Schutze der betroffenen Personen aufgesetzt und werden diesen alle erdenklich mögliche Unterstützung bieten.

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    Any chance you can post this in English?
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    Alvin J Furrer Hotel Sinai

    Mr. Alvin J. Furrer ... (his wife: Mrs Safaa el Halawani)

    Has in several dubious web pages(Made in USA) written against persons, his cousin, a german woman and his aunt, former guests of his hotel Swisscare in Nuweiba Sinai.

    The content of this statement is classified as a criminal act with a high evaluation.

    With this statement Mr Alvin J Furrer, he has made the people involved, high personal and economic damages.

    He is not entitled to make such vigilantism.

    He hides behind an anonymous !

    Mr Alvin J Furrer is very well known, he grew up in England, has a Swiss Passport and is committed for some time to the Muslim faith.

    None of these Things, also not this religion, gives to him the right to pounce on innocent people with characterless and damaging allegations, and to published in the internet.

    Because of our research, we have informations from various guests. The results are very bad and very negative, that in respect of his conduct and treatment of guests.

    A very sad example; an elderly Lady (his aunt from Switzerland), who had health problems, Mr Alvin J Furrer has not considered it necessary to call an ambulance and doctor. Compared to witnesses, he stated that he was afraid the woman (his aunt!!), that she could have died!

    Alvin J Furrer must be condemned for his unworthy, characterless action. He is liable for all damages, which he has caused with this cruel act.
    Everything he does to other people, it will return sometime and somewhere, however, it will hit him with a much stronger effect. This is a natural law.

    This, our text, is for the protection of all persons who have been harmed by Alvin J Furrer, in any form. To all stakeholders we offer a protection against such machinations.

    We guarantee all possible financial and active support to the pursuit against this gentlemen and against his helpers in Egypt so as in Europe.

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    The Serbonian Bog
    Okay, I'm confused. How does Mr. Alvin J. Furrer link to Kurt Bosshard?
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    maybe this helps

    Quote Originally Posted by Kit Kat View Post
    Okay, I'm confused. How does Mr. Alvin J. Furrer link to Kurt Bosshard?
    The author of this text is very well known ... he is hiding behind anonymity, a Brit with a Swiss passport and profess the Muslim faith with the view that he is Lord of all things and can charge innocent people with slander defamation.
    the Lord has allowed himself, an old lady in his hotel in a row, health problems, without summon an ambulance to left sitting in the room. Witnesses have stated that this gentleman was afraid that the old lady would have died.
    removed we do not discuss religion on this site and please refrain from such comments in the future here
    The Lord is to be condemned for his undignified behavior and character-free and may consider that everything he does to others is somehow come back to him in another way back.
    This is based on a law of nature.
    We have placed this text for the Protection of the affected persons and provide them all possible support imaginable.


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    Debt Collection

    Kurt Bosshard

    If Mr Bosshard is upset that a warning about his activities has been published then he should contact the hotel directly in order that he takes steps to settle his debts to the hotel, being SFr 2513.00, as well as the debt owed to the dive centre at the hotel.

    He should also take steps to settle the debts owed to the Paracelsus Klinik in Switzerland, ( SFr 5602.00 ), and to the Bank Austria ( UniCredit Group ), amount Euro 71670.71 plus interest.

    He was also due in court in Austria on the 5th May 2011 to answer charges of fraud arising from debts of Euro 600000.00 but aparantly absconded.

    Making absurd libellous claims against individuals will only lead to further charges being incurred.

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    Looking for Kurt Bosshard

    Question Kurt Bosshard

    Anyone knows where we can find Kurt Bosshard and Bertha Bosshard???

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    A W

    Kurt Bosshard

    I was in Contact with Mr Bosshard but must know who you are as I am keeping his Adresse secret.

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    Message for A W

    I'm looking for Kurt Bosshard too...

    Could you please give me his actual contact details / phone number?

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