From Rev Dr. Fred Johnson
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From: "Rev Dr. Fred Johnson"<>
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2011

It is my modest obligation to write you this letter.Please kindly read and get back to me

From Rev Dr.Fred Johnson
Director, International Payment Remittance
United Bank for Africa (UBA)
Direct Tel:+ 234-803-616-2709
Office Tel:+ 234-1-815-5364

Attention Beneficiary:


It is my modest obligation to write you this letter in regards to the authorization of your owned payment through our most respected financial institution United Bank for Africa (UBA). I am Rev Dr. Fred Johnson, the Director International Payment Remittance Unit United Bank for Africa.

However, the British Government, in conjunction with the U.S GOVERNMENT, WORLD BANK, UNITED NATIONS ORGANIZATION on foreign payment matters, has empowered my bank after much consultation and consideration, to handle all foreign payments and release them to their appropriate beneficiaries
with the help of a representative from JP Morgan Chase Bank.

As the newly appointed/accredited International Paying Bank, we have been instructed by the World Governing Bodies, together with the Committee on International Debt and the Board of Foreign Winnings, Inheritance and Contract Review Panel, to release your overdue Inheritance funds with immediate effect.

Be informed that we have verified your payment file as directed to us, and your email is next on the list of our outstanding fund beneficiaries to receive their payment before the end of this First quarter payment term of the year 2011. Be advised that because of too many funds beneficiaries due for payment at this first quarter payment of the year, you are entitled to receive the sum of Fifteen Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars (USd15,500,000.00) the payment will come to you either by a Electronic Wire Transfer into your Designated bank Account, through Special Cash Delivery to your doorstep or through Atm Master Card.

Now, to enable us facilitate the process of this transaction, please kindly Choose any of these Three option stated below to receive your fund.

OPTION 1: to receive fund through special cash delivery, Re-confirm the below listed info:
(1) Full name
(2) Delivery address
(3) Direct mobile/ phone /fax.
(4) International passport or Driven license.

This required information will be sent to the Diplomat In-charge for delivery of your Cash Fund to your doorstep.

OPTION 2: Fund through Atm Master Card, Re-confirm the below listed info:
(1) Full name:
(2) Delivery address:
(3) Direct mobile/ phone:

OPTION 3: Fund through Electronic Wire Transfer, Re-confirm the below listed info:
a) Your bank name
b) Bank address
c) Your account no
d) Routing no
e) Swift code
f) Beneficiary name
g) Phone/Mobile no
h) Address
i) International passport or Driven license.

Upon our receipt of the above mentioned information, your payment will be programm and process for release directly from United Bank for Africa (UBA).

Your prompt response to the above directive is highly imperative.

Yours Faithfully
Rev Dr. Fred Johnson
Director, International Payment Remittance
United Bank for Africa (UBA)
Liaison Office Abuja-Nigeria