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Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2011


My name is Samir Brikho, I am a citizen of Sweden and an Executive Director of AMEC Plc, a multi-national energy and oil corporation operating from London-England, UK. I am seeking your assistance to retreive the sum of Fifty Million Dollars consisting of two consignment boxes.

This money was acquired from the company and it was accompanied by a diplomat to the U.S.A, my reason for this is because I have been cheated out of my entitlements by the company for too long simply because I am not a British. The contact details of the diplomat will be given to you if you indicate your interest to help me.

Each of the boxes contains $25M and for your help I am ready to release 30% to you, for security reasons the consignment was registered to be CONFIDENTIAL DIPLOMATIC DOCUMENTS, I can explain why. Bear in mind that the diplomat is not aware of the content of the consignment, it has been there for the past 1 month where I'm looking for a reliable partner.

I will be leaving the country immediately the consignment is delivered to you for my private investment and I have vowed never to step back into London, England. Please, I need your urgent response before my plans to leave the company is discovered. Right now the safest form of correspondence is through my own e-mail address, please in the interest of confidentiality only reply through my direct email address.

Reply along with your personal telephone and fax number where I can reach you. Please if you are not willing and interested in helping me kindly delete this email from your computer and pretend you never got it.

Best regards,
Samir Brikho (Mr).
Executive Director
London, England
Tel: +447024067565
Fax: +448704954389