From: Mrs Chidinma Hassan <>
Date: 2011/2/12
Subject: View The Good News. Please read the attachment and get back to me

Tel : +22996437905

Dear sir/madam

I am Mrs Chidinma Hassan the Secretary to General Aminu M. Yusuf Director General of Drug Law Enforcement Agency Benin Republic .I was told to contact you by the General Aminu M. Yusuf the head of the agency as It has come to the notice of the authority of Drug law/Anti-Terrorist Act Enforcement Agency Benin Republic through our intelligence monitoring unit, that the management of the courier company Benin has effected the delivery of your ATM Mastercard credited with a total of USD2,800.000 united states dollars.

The said delivery after due investigation was carried out , contrary to Article 102, section 36,subsection of the 1995 Drug and allied matters act, schedule guiding against Drug and money Laundering and Article 17, subsection 28 of 2001 Anti-Terrorist Act, guiding against all terrorists activities.

We wish to remind you of the consequences of delivering such sum of money outside the country without complying fully the provisions of the Drug Law/Anti-Terrorists regulations and provision of Drug/Monetary Charter which stipulated that an amount of such magnitude must carry ;Certificate Drug / Anti-Terrorists Clearance Certificate; which will duly guarantee and cover the money as being legitimately acquired devoid of terrorist/Drug or money laundry.

By virtue of power conferred on this office and in our capacity as sole Agency responsible for issuing the Drug/Anti-Terrorists Clearance Certificate for such amount, that is why we placed your ATM Parcel on hold since. and stop the courier company for delivery pending when you obtain the Anti-Terrorists /Drug Clearance Certificate (A.T.D.C.C)

We have finally investigated and found out that your Funds was free from Drug or money Laundry, reason we have contacted you. You have to contact General Aminu M. Yusuf the Director General of Drug Law Enforcement Agency Benin Republic .via the information below:

Name : General Aminu M. Yusuf, Email : ( Tel : +22996437905

Contact him and reconfirm your delivering address so that you receive your ATM Parcel within 24 hours after clearance.

Thanks and God Bless

Mrs Chidinma Hassan
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