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Thread: Dr/Mrs. Sabina Loma, BOL Gmail

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    Dr/Mrs. Sabina Loma, BOL Gmail

    From BOL-GMAIL 2011, Network Promotions.
    Return-Path: <drawofficeuk@gmail.com>
    Received: from, South Africa, DSL Subscriber, [abuse@is.co.za]
    Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2011 [drawofficeuk@gmail.com>
    Reply-To: [drawofficeuk@gmail.com]
    Subject: Your E-mail ID has won, £480, 000.00 pls view your attachment


    BOL-GMAIL 2011, Network Promotions.
    #:23, Dine Road, SK, Canada S7N4V8.
    24hrs.Tell/Fax: +1 206 338 1411.
    Batch No: BOL-Lott o 6/49
    Dear: Email Client/User,

    Your E-mail ID has won, £480, 000.00 GBP in the "BOL-GMAIL Promotions" held in Canada to promote 2012 Olympics Game. Sponsored by ATT BOL-GMAIL Network and British American Tobacco Companies London, with Your Ref: BOL-C95UK/01/30.

    Three (3) Email addresses was finally picked out from among the total 1,000,000 Email addresses, your Email address is among the winning Email address on the winning Pot, which was Attached to PIN No: *515* and Winning Amount is £480,000.00 British Pounds. Our Agent will process your claim to the paying Banks for Transfer to you. Due to the insurance policy place on the fund as the fund can not be deducted until it get transferred to the Beneficiary.

    To File Your Claim Contact Our Agent in London, Mr.George Anderson on Email: [drawoffice@bol.com.br] Or Tell/Fax: Number: +44703 174 7531. For Sat 26/02/2011 Draws, Visit website: http://www.lottolore.com/ontario49.html To Confirm Winning No: 5 17 23 30 36 40 Bonus Number: 45.

    Best regards.
    Dr/Mrs. Sabina Loma.
    @BOL-Gmail.com 2011 Network.

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    @ Guest, please do not post your email address here. There is no lottery and you cannot win any money. See: http://antifraudintl.org/showthread.php?t=6836.

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