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Thread: Spanish passports

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    Spanish passports

    Scammer: Dr. Mr. Ibaa
    Name used on paassport: Tom Matine Cruse

    This is so bad it's unbelievable. The Spanish comes from Babelfish. The background is probably from an old British passport, and the name is NOT Spanish at all. He would be Tomas Matin Cruz.

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    The North

    David Leon Esteban Medina

    Name on passport- David Leon Esteban Medina
    Used in the Euro Millions Lottery scam.

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    Scammer: Barrister Adrover Morales Soledad

    Badly faked, one for the hall of shame...

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    Spanish Fake Passports

    Rafael Perez passport.jpg

    This is a fake passport being used by a RAFAEL PEREZ rafadpez@hotmail.com

    First, there are no watermarks on it, and the photo does not appear as background also.
    Second, Reino de España (Kingdom of Spain) does not appear in the passports, but España (Spain in English).
    Third, the country code is wrong. It should be ESP instead of ES.
    Fourth, the name and given name are exchanged. Perez should be the family or given name, and Rafael Juan Diogo the name or names. And it really sounds as a latinamerican name, not Spanish.
    Fifth, the nationality should be "Española", not "Español". Note that it is written "Espanol", and that is wrong as well. It is not using the Spanish letter "ñ", that is an "n" with a "~" sign on top.
    Sixth, in our passports there are not data like height, eyes or hair. I've never seen that.
    Seventh, there is no authority called "Policia Madrid" at all.
    Eighth, it is not signed.
    Ninth and last (I'm sure an expert can find lots more), the overall aspect is far away from mine.

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