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FROM THE DESK OF Mr. Greg Thambo
Independent Committee Of Eminent Persons (ICEP),
Pretoria, Republic Of South Africa
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My name is Mr. Greg Thambo, and a member of Independent Committee of Eminent Persons (ICEP), Republic of South Africa. ICEP is charged with the responsibility of finding bank accounts in South Africa belonging to Non-South African indigenes, which have remained dormant since South African apartheid was resolved in 1994.

The Claims Resolution Tribunal (CRT) handles processing of all claims on accounts due to non-South African citizens. I discovered a dormant account of Isidor Adler with a credit balance of US$45,000,000 (Forty Five Million United State Dollars) plus accumulated interest.

Please my dear; If you are willing to handle this matter with me then kindly provide me with your full name, address, and telephone/fax. Number. In sharing of the fund am will to offer you 25%percent of the total fund, 5%percent will be set aside for any expenses that may arise in cause of this and 70%percent will be for me and my family. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT THERE IS NO RISK INVOLVED. Due to security reasons, kindly reply to my private Email: [] or [] only. In receipt of your next email i will provide you with my direct telephone number for our oral communications

Thanks as I expect your soonest response.

Best Regards,
Mr. Greg Thambo
Member (ICEP)