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Thread: WalMart Evaluator

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    WalMart Evaluator

    From: W a lM a r t <ijs@aol.com>
    Date: Sat, May 28, 2011
    Subject: Job

    We are looking for qualified evaluators to help us check out our new services. These are the important aspect of your evaluation.

    Moneyorder of between $800 - $2,850 will be mailed out via FedEx or UPS or US mail.

    The funds have been calculated to cover both aspects of this survey. you will be allocated $100 for the WalMart shopping section.

    All you have to do is walk into any of its location buy, buy and buy till you exhaust the $100 provided for this section, but you have to be in the store for atleast one hour, watching and taking note of everything.

    Remember that everything you buy is totally yours.

    The management of WalMart intends to change the store's environment, color, payment procedures, gift items and shopping / carrier bags etc, we are also looking into putting a stop to poor services.

    For this reasons we have decided to give their customers a great opportunity to decide.

    NOTE: You are to keep the WalMart receipt of everything you buy to the report YOUR SECOND EVALUATION ( Between $600 - $2550)

    The 2nd evaluation is MoneyGram or Western union International (WalMart Location)

    As you know we offer Money transfer services via Moneygram and Western union.

    A lot of Wal-Mart customers have reported lapses in Money transfer services in some Wal-Mart Stores around the U.S.

    Our need to act is based on reports and complaints which some customers forwarded anonymously and phone calls that were made to our head office.

    The Wal-Mart (Money Transfer) Agents locations were reported for evaluation for the following reasons:

    Slow services
    Unbalanced exchange rate
    Poor services
    Rudeness to customers
    Excess charge


    To make a transfer of funds from a Western union location to our Agent in another state with the remaining funds after you complete your first task.

    Funds would be picked up by our Agent at the exact location which a customer reported his/her funds stolen from.

    You will have to record the time at which you got to the Western union store and how many minutes it took you to get the service.

    You will also provide me with the name of the cashier that attended to you along with the name of the WalMart store and address.

    You will be paid a commission $200 dollars for completing both tasks Your report should be drafted and sent to me via email immediately the 2nd assignment has been completed.

    Please make sure you reply to this email with the following information below

    First Name
    Last Name
    Street Address
    Zip Code
    Cell Phone Number / Home Phone Number
    Current Occupation
    Alternate Email Address
    Days / Hours Available

    Further instructions will be sent to you during the week via email.

    Task Co-ordinator
    Received: from[]

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    I'll start with a quote from the Walmart page: http://www.walmartstores.com/PrivacySecurity/9567.aspx
    Mystery Shopper Scam

    Increasingly, fraudsters have preferred wire transfers as the method of payment for numerous consumer scams, including lottery, relative-in-need, advance fee loans, and mystery shopper. The mystery shopper scam uses fraudulent offers, fake checks and wire transfers to induce unsuspecting consumers into sending money to fraudsters who are often located in Canada or other countries.
    And then I got this.

    From Wal~Mart
    Return-Path: <yehf@walmarts.com>
    Received: from, Macquarie, Australia, Optus Macquarie Park (ocs)
    From: "Wal~Mart" <yehf@walmarts.com>
    Subject: Job
    Date: Sat, 26 May 2012

    Wal Mart is looking for S e c r e t E v a l u a t o r s to help us check out our services in your area.

    Please visit our page to SignUp .

    Link: http : // revistadiez. com/Wal~Mart/
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    From WAL-MART
    Return-Path: <karl.weber56@kabelbw.de>
    Received: from (EHLO fep12.mx.upcmail.net) ( Austrian server
    Reply-To: <walmat-stores@qq.com>
    From: "WAL-MART"<karl.weber56@kabelbw.de>
    Subject: waiting your good response, Thank you.
    Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2013

    Hello, We are accepting applications from qualified individuals from all-over the world to become Secret-Shopper. There is no charge to become a shopper and you do not need previous experience. After you sign up, you will have access to training materials from us. Should you interested, your wages would be US $200 per assignment. No commitment is made on this job and you would have flexible hours. At least 2 evaluations a week will be assigned to you because this is a part time job and we think this job suits you. We will provide you the money for all of your evaluations. Your survey will be at any WAL-MART / MONEY GRAM / WESTERN UNION outlet location of your choice and you are to give a report back to us I)How long it took you to complete the shopping and report on service, quality of product ii) Name of the agent / his or her attitude towards customers. iii)Poor working skills and customer relation iv) Slow services and cleanliness of the establishment Cashier's check/Payment would be in a certain amount w

    R e g a rd s ,

    Network @2013
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    Post Walmart

    Return-Path: <career@walmart.com> Telecom Italia Pietraperzia Italy

    Do you shop at Walmart?

    Do you know that you can shop at Walmart and get paid for that.
    And even better, keep all the products you purchased.

    We are hiring today and we need you in our team.
    WalmartShopper is needing people just like you to inspect our employees and to offer better services to our clients.
    If we got your attention, Apply Here

    You will be contacted shortly to validate your position.

    And remember, you dont need experience or qualification, just an honest opinion.

    If link doesnt work or email reaches Spam Folder, mark this email as Inbox.
    To ensure you receive all our future communications please add career@walmart.com to your Contact List.

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