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Thread: Trunk box full of money - 419 Trunk box Scam

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    More money!

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    Geezzz! is that photo still doing the rounds, I got that one middle of last year 08, you'd think they would substitute another pic by now, this one is pretty old and well known
    Bring it on!!!!
    @ AFI – U R Richer than would be if scammed and richer in knowledge

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    A variation on the trunk box full of money, money in a suitcase...and....and....

    Comes from this scam: http://antifraudintl.org/showthread.php?t=25645

    This are "the files"

    And this is "the consigment" (scammer should learn to spell)

    And this is the "interior part of the consignment" (spelled it correctly this time) and that suitcase is not the same size as the "consigment" box.

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    Nice packaging. If it's in an envelope why does it need to go into a box?

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    Capt D Cruise

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    Check out this professional photoshop job. As used by Robert Coleman: http://antifraudintl.org/showthread.php?t=46822

    419- You can check out any time you want but you can never leave!
    And don't take off your shoes!

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    Exclamation scammers fake clearance letter

    The clearance form provided by the Scammer company "Vision potential resources" to the customers,to prove that they have done the shipment and is waiting for the clearance to be done and to make there customer pay for the clearance.They says that 'DATA ENTERPRISES' named clearance company will clear your goods .

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    Angry i was scamed

    i was scammed with same picture .people and co. involved [ashore45@yahoo.com]
    amy shore
    anthony doherty
    henry edwards
    scarlety security co.
    patagon diplomatic services
    castillo global traiding co.
    td bank ft lauderdale fl
    it started with an email from a dateing site
    and befor i new it i was sending money
    orphan that father left 2 trinks of money in nigeria lagos

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