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Thread: Daniel Bommel, Ibreach Capital

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    Daniel Bommel, Ibreach Capital

    From Ibreach Capital
    Return-Path: <ibreach.capital@ausi.com>
    Received: from, U.K., Orange PCS GPRS services, [abuse@orange.co.uk]
    Reply-To: <info_desk@mcom.com>
    From: "Ibreach Capital"<Ibreach.Capital@ausi.com> 加入寄件人到通訊錄
    Subject: Investment Response (22-06-11)
    Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2011

    Dear Friend,

    RE: Funds Investment and Management Placement of $65 Million.

    We solicit for a private investor who wants to invest his financial estate in long-term business venture in your country/company under your supervision.

    You will be required to;

    [1]. Receive the funds.
    [2]. Invest and Manage the funds profitably.

    My client is willing to negotiate Management sharing percentage after your acceptance. We expect to ear from you urgently as this is a high priority Investment Placement and kindly send your telephone number to enhance communication via email: [info_desk@mcom.com]

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Sincerely Yours,
    Daniel Bommel
    +31 619 207 655

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    From: Ibreach Capital <info_desk@mcom.com>
    Sent: Monday, July 25, 2011
    Subject: Re: Investment Response (12/7/11)


    Thanks for your response to my proposal.

    My name is Daniel Bommel and I am the Managing Partner for Ibreach Capital Investment.

    We are European company based in the Netherlands, and we are investment consultants that specialize on implementing customized financial plans of our clients through an investment management process and philosophy that can energize money into actualizing the goal of our clients.

    In advising our clients on any investment process; objectivity and security of the investment capital forms the bedrock of the professional guidance we offer, needed to make better financial decisions.

    Presently, we have established a preliminary understanding with a client who wishes to move the total value of Sixty Five Million United States Dollars out of her country for investment purposes. Given the nature of the funds, we have advised the client that the most suitable destination for the investment capital will be in your country.

    Hence, we seek your partnership to have the funds moved to your country for investment purposes. For reason which we will disclose to you as we communicate further, the funds must be moved in a discreet manner, and we possess the know-how to achieve this according to the wishes of our client.

    We have advised our client to consider investing the funds in fields like Real Estate, Construction, Oil & Gas, Tourism and Sea Food export E.T.C. Therefore, we also want to get advice and suggestions from you as to which of these fields of investment would be most lucrative in your country to enable us determine which field to concentrate on, and also introduce to us any other investment field that you deem profitable within your country.

    If you are interested in our proposal, we require you to highlight any relevant experience in project management and your capability in handling huge funds if not then you can assist us in receiving the funds, safekeep it and earn your comission.

    Upon receiving your response, we will confirm if we can proceed with you and inform you of the specifics for actualizing our objective.

    However, I will require that you have a copy of the data page of your international passport send to me by email attachment and a copy of your CV which should include your mobile telephone number and your resitential address.

    This is to enable me draft an agreement that will guide us on this transaction and send it to you for your perusal before we can proceed futher to how the funds can be moved to you in trust and confidential manner because of the amount on the transaction.

    After I have received the above documents from you. I will advice you of the next stage of the transaction.

    Thanks for your understanding and your prompt response is anticipated.

    Daniel Bommel
    For: Ibreach Capital
    Tel : +316 1 920 7655
    Silence is the scammer's best friend; knowledge is the scammer's worst enemy. 沈黙は詐欺師のよき友達、知識は詐欺師の天敵。Think globally, act globally.

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