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Thread: Cote d'Ivoire fake ID

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    Djame Leila

    Djame Leila (escudere)

    A very bad piece. She spawn on many friends meeting site, specialy on easyflirt. Fake picture, fake typo, fake fingerprint. Leila Djame.

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    Keita Synshelle

    Another one from Keita Synshelle. Fake picture, fake fingerprint (same as all posted on this thread), fake typo with hudge pixelation..

    You can see a bad typo on bottom of the first side. SYNSHELLE > SYNSELLE

    ROFL !!!

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    Kone Chantal

    Onother one, same as above. Kone Chantal.

    How come, this is an infestation !

    Admin, please confirm this.

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    Charlotte Koudou

    Charlotte Koudou

    "Though the pen is mightier than the sword, the sword speaks louder and stronger at any given moment." - Sir Roger Fenwick

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