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From: Mr.Richard Martin.. <>
Reply-To: <>
Sent: Wed, July 13, 2011
Subject: Your urgent responds needed for confirmation

Attn: Dear Beneficiary,

Ensure to read this mail carefully to understand the content because,Aside the information provided in this mail no agent or corespondent of ours aside i, will provide any valid information to you regarding your payment until after activation as it is tagged highly confidential to avoid claims by unknown persons already claiming to be you, Basically the account information in this mail is yet activated to your name for withdrawal as the receiver, so read to understand the process as this mail is to officially inform you that' we have verified the failures encountered in your funds transfer, due to facts that' you are yet to fulfill the mandated obligations of your country’s laws and policy, With facts that the officials who aided the transfer of your funds have been in the past held for so many international crimes that lead to the termination of their ability to transact internationally, this alone has been a major obstacle in concluding your transaction all the time, to by pass any unwanted obstacle as such experienced in the past we have decided to pay you from our operating account in USA.

Western Union remains the fastest and easiest unit to transfer money worldwide, operating with different central operating units and accounts worldwide; Officials in top places have failed to deliver your payment which the results of failures encountered has left you with no option but discouragement, it’s a new day and the beginning of your dream come through, also take note that’ your payment was issued as a contract to my department by the president of Benin Republic in collaboration with the United Nations, which by agreement; the sum of two million dollars will be received by you at the end of the transfer through our service.

We write to confirm the receipt receiving details for the payment for 5000 (five thousand) at four hours interval each working day till the total of 100,000.00 (one hundred thousand USD) is confirmed transferred to you, then after a total of 1,900,000.00 (one million, nine hundred thousand united states dollar) shall be transferred from your paying information into any account of your choice choice, completing a total payment of two million united states dollars as compensation to you from the Benin Republic government and West African Authorities on your failed transactions.

We bring to your notice, that our department has been ordered to transfer the total amount written herein swiftly to you from our operating unit in your country; in order to avoid any problems such as those experienced in the past, so we advice that you keep this payment information to your eyes and yourself alone till the transfer is completed, do also be informed that no agent or officials of ours in your locality will give you valid information about your payment been that your case is highly confidential and our department does not entertain failure or disappointment of any sort, but for verification of your payment, do visit our official web site <> find TRACKING on the top right of the site page, click and insert your payment information bellow accordingly to view the availability of your payment

Money Control # (MTCN):6093644273
Sender First Name: Richard
Sender Last Name: Martin

The money has been arranged in an operating account of your country as a measure to by pass any unknown obstacle, but your name is yet to be activated as the receiver of the payment (this simply means confirming you as the beneficiary), all that you are required to do is, send $48.00 to the official at the counter

Your required to send the $48 to activate your name as the beneficiary via western union

Mr. Obeluo Chiedu
City: Cotonou
Country: Benin Republic
Text question: what for
Text answer: Benefit
Sender Name====

When the payment is effected your bill for the activation of your name as receiver of the payment in your country will be effected then, we shall call you seven hours after we confirm receipt of the payment information from you, for you shall go for the first pick up of 5000USD as explained; I wait to receive the information,do feel free to call me if further explanation is required.


Mr.Richard Martin.
Western Union Operation Manager
Email; <>