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Vendredi 14 octobre 2011
Expéditeur : "Alfred Marc" <alfredmarc103@yahoo.com>
Date : 11/10/11


Thank you very much for your response and information, regarding your informations. I herewith in receipt of your response as you rightly know I had sought for the relatives without success and instead of this fund being confiscated by the Finance Firm as I did mentioned in my proposal or being claimed by some unscrupulous person.

You see, next of kinship is not limited to relations of the deceased, nor is it confided to the circuit of parental relationship, rather it is by choice of the benefactor as regards to whom he wish to will it to (Beneficiary) either formally by write up, or in formally by secret information disclosure to beneficiary be Him/Her business partner, relation, Kinsmen, or friends or well wishers, therefore by virtue of the above stated, you can claim to be
the next of kin of the deceased despite the fact that you are not related to my late client.

In this matter, it will be very big advantage for us to achieve our aim and you stand not to face any problem so long as we are able to forward all documents that they might request in order to authenticate your claim.

As the content of your mail reads, note that all I want from you is to stand as a next of kin and beneficiary to the unclaimed estate of my deceased client. Of course, I know that you might not be related or even know (late) Mr. BERNNARD Zolger, but I want you to put a claim on this money as your own so that the money will be transferred into your account in your country,OK? All is required of you is to follow strictly my advice and instructions to enable the bank transfer this money into your new or empty account OK?

Meanwhile, I am not supposed to tell you this because it is a kind of personal problem but for you to know how serious and true this is and also due to your interest and trust we both need in this transaction I am forced to let you know. My wife has a kidney infection and needs a kidney transplant.

Our medical doctor referred us to India but I can not afford it now but where I have all my hope of saving her is in this transaction.
I have spent all my life savings trying to give her life until the transplant have been done.

So please, I want you to give me that word of Honor you are not going to make this my last hope vanish by jeopardizing this transaction.

Please can you give me your word of Honor by the following points stated
below. They are thus:-

1..you will not cheat me during the course of this transaction.

2..my own share of the money will be in your safe keep until I come over to your country for sharing and further investment.

3..that you will keep this transaction very confidential even from your best friend for safety of both parties.

4..that you shall always contact me whenever you get information from the Financial institution so that we will put heads together as one family and get this transaction consummated successfully.

This transaction will only take about 11days or less for the money to be transferred into your account. But as soon as your application is approved then it will take about 3 days and the money will be in your account.

As soon as I get your positive response to this particular mail I will forward to you the application form which you will fill and send to the Financial Institution for immediate action from the financial board.

I have also attached my passport picture and my attorney license/certificate in this mail for your perusal and also for establishment of trust between us.
Get back to me as soon as possible OK?

You can call me with this phone number below.
12 Rue De Olkam
B.P 14 14
Lome-Togo, West Africa.
Best Regards,
Barrister Alfred Marc