Man cheated in marriage scam

KUALA LUMPUR: A 31-year-old man from Kepong never thought his marriage to a Chinese national last year would turn out to be a fake.

He now regrets his impulsive action.

The victim, identified only as Beh, claimed his housemate persuaded him to tie the knot because he was advancing in age and without a girlfriend.

"This housemate, known only as 'Uncle', told Beh not to worry about the process as everything, from finding him a suitable wife, finances, documentation will be handled by an agent," MCA Public Services and Complaints Bureau chief Datuk Michael Chong told reporters at the MCA headquarters yesterday.

Chong said Beh agreed and handed over his passport to the agent in November after he was told it was part of the arrangement.

The agent, he said, also laid out several "strange" rules which Beh would have to adhered to since everything was covered by the agent.

"One of them was the couple was not allowed to sleep on the same bed or touch each other. They were only allowed to meet twice for a certain period," said Chong.

On Dec 12, Chong said Beh got back his passport and met his "wife" for the first time.

The next day, the couple obtained their marriage certificate from National Registration Department in Seputeh.

When the agent showed him some documents, Chong said Beh started to suspect something amiss as there were two additional stamps by Thailand Immigration Department on his passport and the marriage certificate stated the marriage took place in Songkla, Thailand on Nov 29.

After that, Chong said the agent brought Beh and three others to the Immigration Department headquarters in Putrajaya on the pretext of settling some documention issues.

Due to some discrepencies, Beh and his "wife" were detained by the department. After he was released a day later, Beh was given some cash by the agent to bail out his "wife" but after the bail was posted, both the agent and his "wife" disappeared.

Realising he was duped, Beh now wanted to file for a divorce and met with Chong for help.

Chong said the Immigration Department has been notified.