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Thread: unwall.net - sharesmarket.com - angelrc.com

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    unwall.net - sharesmarket.com - angelrc.com

    I don't know where to post this, I hope this is the right place.
    Ok, so I was offered to invest as angel investor in this company name unwall.net and given some "stock" that can be viewed on sharesmarket.com
    they claim that the website will be the no.1 social networking site in china.
    they use angelrc.com as the investor page and sharesmarket.com as the broker.
    the cnlvc.com is their funder.
    they're listed in sec here: http://sec.gov/cgi-bin/browse-edgar?...ion=getcompany

    I found some resources in the internet as well ( http://www.complaintsboard.com/compl...t-c587594.html ) , but have not found any solid evidence.

    The thing is, there are many people in my country (Indonesia) that has already invest their money there, (some people invest more than USD 100.000) with a total estimate about USD 10 million just in Indonesia already.
    and the "stock" is going up extremely fast (my friend's money has multiplied over 100 times already, he starts investing USD 10.000 and now already 1 mil) but can't be taken until late 2013.
    the stock's price can only be viewed in sharesmarket.com which I suspect fake.

    Ah, I forgot to mention that the website is crappy and there are no traffic at all! I see in alexa.com they're ranked very low and the weird thing is that the audience is 55% from Indonesia http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/unwall.net#
    How can a china social networking website be popular in Indonesia, and the rank is very much low too. the web seems more like a dummy

    the stock is on secondmarket.com too. here it is https://www.secondmarket.com/company/unwall

    I can't believe such company can make it there. the website seems like a fake and the money they're taking from people are immense.
    they claimed that they have made a lot of money and the stock's price has multiplied over 100 times but I don't see how they can make money from unwall.net
    they can withdraw a small amount of money after 4 months, but most people have their money locked for 6 months to 2 year.

    I'm sorry this is very complicated but they're connected. can anyone help me?

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    Hi! Thank you for sharing your views regarding investment opportunities which may potentially be fraudulent. However, I think you have been misinformed or weren’t given enough information and explanations regarding this nature of investment.

    I am a fellow investor of Unwall International Inc. and I'm extremely satisfied with the progress and development of the company. I can understand your perspective as it is natural to be skeptical when a substantial amount of money is involved.

    Let me try to answer your questions and perhaps you may even enlighten me on issues which I haven't thought of before.

    1. A company cannot simply be listed on any capital market platform in the United States of America. They all come under the purview of the Federal Government and are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission. These markets include secondmarket.com, sharesmarket.com and OTCBB on which Unwall International Inc. is listed. Moreover, they are constantly being monitored by FINRA, MRSB and SIPC. Therefore, allegations that these are fakes are totally unfounded.

    2. CNLVC is a reputable US venture capital company which has funded unwall.net since 2011. It is managing a fund of over US$500 million and has invested in many well-known companies worldwide.

    3. angelrc.com is a platform to link fellow investors, to exchange and receive views, to share and compare notes, promote deal flow and to function as a singular angel investment group.
    Unwall is one of the projects this group currently place interest in.

    4. Yes, unwall.net's traffic is currently low. The reason behind this is because it is just in its infancy/development stages. I'm sure there was once, not too long ago, Facebook had similarly low traffic too.

    5. The advance of internet had seen boundaries progressively being stretched, even erased. As such, when one is on the World Wide Web, it doesn't matter whether one is in Africa, China or Indonesia. Furthermore, the statistics by alexa.com does not cover China as its government control and censor many online activities including unwell.net.

    6. In any form of seed-capital or angel investments, it is expected that the amount invested to be tied up until the project is mature enough for the start-up investors to exit. It is the prerogative of the company to lock up the sales of its shares whenever it seems fit. For example, Zynga recently lock up its shares for 6 months even after it has been publicly listed.

    7. The ROI of more than 100 times is not only common but expected of angel investments in IT related industries. A simple search on the returns of Google, Groupon and Facebook should be sufficient to prove this fact.

    8. In 2011, in a reverse takeover exercise, CNLVC has bought over Quadra Projects Inc.(QPRJ), a company dealing with surgical appliances and supplies and had successfully changed its name to Unwall International Inc.(UWII).

    I hope the above are enough to quash your doubts about this company and I would also like to forward my recommendation for you to make an investment soon.

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    hi AI AI
    you joined the forum on 29/3/12 just to reply to this thread?
    and that is your only post throughout the whole period
    that's highly suspicious to me
    it's just not on alexa, on many webtraffic checking also the traffic is very low
    and majority traffic comes from indonesia

    If you check sharesmarket.com's traffic, majority is from Indonesia also
    sharesmarket.com is supposed to be international trading platform?
    then why is there no traders from other countries?
    and to use a link to direct from angelrc to sharesmarket.com is highly suspicious

    Those who are thinking of investing in this better not

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    Unwall International Inc.



    Shows some interesting figures.

    ************************************************** *******************************************


    Could be worth a read.
    *What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.*

    "The law in the book can go byte itself in the ass. Watch it byte mine!" - Chandra Sekhar Sathyadas.

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    Not listed
    As the chairman of an international angel investment group which has invested in Unwall.net and a lawyer by profession, I would like to clarify a few misleading comments mentioned in your letter.
    Firstly, you shall not make unfounded accusations and unsubstantiated allegations without fully understanding angel investment and the capital market. If you have understood the process of the above, all these ignorant and senseless questions would not have arisen.
    Unwall.net is a Hongkong based SNS website similar to Facebook in the U.S., renren.com in China, hi5.com, Myspace, etc. *It has been listed on the U.S. secondary market such as Sharesmarket and Secondmarket since last year. *
    Unwall.net was funded by CNLVC and it has been successful listed on OTCBB through an APO reverse take over of a company called QPRJ, where its nature of business was “orthopedic, prosthetic and surgical appliance and supplies”. *
    Unwall has successfully through SEC and FINRA changed its company name to Unwall International Incorporation with the trading symbol <UWII.OB> at OTCBB.
    The process from start-up stage to development till exit with the expected multiple folds of ROI has already been professionally planned and scheduled, and strategically carried out by VC.
    Unwall International Incorporation will undoubtedly be listed onto NASDAQ as scheduled.
    On your uncalled for comments on the “unrealistic profit of 100 times or more, and the unfair lock-up period”, this is either due to your ignorance on the process of the capital market or you have the tendency to mislead.
    Your prejudice comment that “the Unwall website is crappy and seems like a fake” is a very serious accusation and exposed your malicious motive and your hidden agenda.
    You are hereby advised not to continue with these untrue, baseless and misleading allegations which may jeopardize the investment interest of other Unwall.net investors and may lead to legal consequences.

    The Chairman
    Angel Investment Group

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    I am not sure what is going on here. Based on advice from law enforcement I have sent an inquiry to the SEC (USA) and the FBI (USA) as below:

    It was suggest to me that I contact both the SEC and the FBI in regards to a company, Unwall. The company is alleged to be a Hong Kong entity. It has appeared at our website, AFI. We are trying to determine if this is a fraud or a legitimate business. I would appreciate any feedback you might be able to provide.
    Silence is the scammer's best friend; knowledge is the scammer's worst enemy. 沈黙は詐欺師のよき友達、知識は詐欺師の天敵。Think globally, act globally.

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    It's a Goladdy.

    Greaton Tech Limited
    RM2309 23/F Ho King Comm Ctr
    2-16 Fayuen St, 43000
    Hong Kong

    Registered through: GoDaddy.com, LLC (http://www.godaddy.com)
    Domain Name: UNWALL.NET
    Created on: 20-Oct-09
    Expires on: 20-Oct-17
    Last Updated on: 29-Aug-11

    Administrative Contact:
    Tecn, Greaton newunwall@gmail.com
    Greaton Tech Limited
    RM2309 23/F Ho King Comm Ctr
    2-16 Fayuen St, 43000
    Hong Kong
    Address: RM2309 23/F Ho King Comm Ctr, 2-16 Fayuen St, 43000 Hong Kong


    Greaton Tech Limited RM2309 23/F Ho King Comm Ctr

    Most popular domain of this owner:

    Recently updated sites:


    Company: HK Sky Sea Ltd
    Contact Person: Ms. Wing Chen
    Position: Sales Manager
    Office Address: Rm 2309, 23/F Ho King Comm Centre 2-16 Fayuen St, Mongkok Kowloon, Hong Kong
    Country/Region: Hong Kong

    Fuli Trading Ltd.

    Flat Rm 2309 23 F Ho King Comm Ctr 2 16 Fa Yuen St Mongkok


    Registered Address: Flat/Rm 2309, 23/F, Ho King Comm Ctr, 2-16 Fa Yuen St, Hong Kong

    Wonder what else .....
    I tego arcana Dei !

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    Well now that is interesting.
    Silence is the scammer's best friend; knowledge is the scammer's worst enemy. 沈黙は詐欺師のよき友達、知識は詐欺師の天敵。Think globally, act globally.

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    Ladies2 dont accuse of a legitimate company as scam.jus simple logic thing that you can is,think!if unwallnet.com is a scam and fake , do you think it will be listed on yahoo finance section,nasdaq.com and any other official trading websites?of course it will be thoroughly checked by us government.sharesmarket.com website have low traffic because previously before it was promoted hugely by the angels,the bloody website can only be access and mostly are the freaking rich people .so the poor if you may say,dont have any info and freaking idea of what is sharesmarket.com.to be able to buy /sell shares from sharesmarket.com,you must have $1million in your account in the US.

    I am planning to invest my money in this unwallnet.com as the same as many of my friends who already have invested.if its a scam(hopefully not) well thats one wrong decision that we make,ita called life,deal with it.

    But if by Dec 2013 it goes IPO on Nasdaq,well maybe all the people who talk negative about this will say "ohh so its true they get rich by investing in this" then it'll be too late for them guys to grab the opportunities.

    The unwallnet.com is a legit website. You would say Facebook is a scam in 2004 before its popular if its marketed by angels.but now maybe the peoplw who were offered to buy shares of Facebook in 2004 and did not buy , will regret their ass off now when the Facebook goes IPO.

    Regret always come last,but i dont wanna regret it when unwallnet.com goes IPO and i did not buy.money come and goes.no big deal.just an info, alexa.com only shows traffic mostly from Indonesia because it cant show traffic from China because China government dont not allow it.

    No official report of unwallnet.com,sharesmarket.com,clubdeangel.com,vnl c.com as being scams.so all good for me to go ahead.
    Just a plain simple observation from inexperienced guy

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