From: Mr. James Morrow (

Dear friend,

I am so honored and priviledge to have you interested in my proposal, appreciate your willingness to partner with you. Thanks alot for your willingness to partner with me in pulling out the funds from my bank and also this is to acknowledge the receipt of your sent informations I have just forward it to the solicitor as promised on the phone that we need to legalize these transaction i want the solicitor to begin work on the documentations that will put you as beneficiary of the funds, which automatically gives us the leverage to lay claims to the funds and he has assured me that they will be out in few days.Once they are ready I will send them to you if its okay with you.

Quickly be informed that you will have to set up one Offshore account that can accomodate this 49.5M USD, the account will be with one of our principal bank which i would refer you to because we need to ensure that everything is done quitely, your personal account in your country will be the final destination that the money will be transfer to in bits so that it will not raise eye brow.The reason why you will have to set up this account with my principal bank is to by cut all the Governemt taxes and monetary monitory bodies and it won't raise any red flag most especially i do not want my bank officials to know the actual account the funds would be lodge for security reasons.

After all said therein, the account you would be opening would need to be activated before the funds is moved into the new account for it to be able to accomodate the the 49.5M dollars that will be transfer and the money will not bounce back to my bank because if it does that will lead to investigation by my bank superiors and also maybe the monetary body on why and what makes the money to bounce back on that ground they will detect what we have done and as a worker in my bank still in active service with my bank it would not be legal for me to be involved in such deals this is highly between just the both of us and i would plead you keep it personally to yourself this is for security reasons.This account should be set up personally in your name or in a company name all i want is for you to be the only signatory to the account.

I choose to make this plans clear to you so that you know the level of your comittment and what your obligation is in this project, you have to trust me even as I have trust in you.I personally will be taking care of the solicitor charges,cost of transfer and documentation.Further more I sending you my working id ,Address:39A Morrison Hill Road,Hong Kong,House tel: +85281277559 for your perusal and trust and I want you to send me yours as well,it should be any means of your identification either Inernational passport,Drivers license or your working ID card. I hope you understand why this is important. the time to call me is 5:AM TO 7:AM MY TIME note.

As soon as you send me any of your identification i will mail to you a contact details of one of our principal and corresponding bank for you to make contact with them and set up the account do not worry i would seek for a bank that can be operated easily by you from your country and also flexible to open.

Once again I like to thank you for the informations sent to me and do not forget to send me your means of identification . I am anticipating to reading from you soonest.