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Thread: Suisse Private Trust & Credit

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    Suisse Private Trust & Credit

    Suisse Private Trust & Credit is another one of the new fraudulent financial services companies. With website at: http://www.suisseprivatetrust.com, they suggest that they have 50 offices and a 35 year of services heritage, however you will look without success in any of the Swiss Registers to find them, which is remarkable when they claim an address in Zurich. But there is no other address either, just a form to fill out, thats all. They are neither a bank nor do they carry an asset manager or trust license. The whole thing looks nice but is bogus.
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    One UGLY website.

    No hits on "Suisse private trust & credit" except AFI

    Has a 'Bank Login Now' on http://www.suisseprivatetrust.com/aboutus.html

    but cannot find a registered bank with that name.

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