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Thread: Mrs Magda Salarich - a Financial & Security Institute in Barcelona

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    Mrs Magda Salarich - a Financial & Security Institute in Barcelona

    X-SID-PRA: celina.ota@londrina.pr.gov.br

    Received: from londrina.pr.gov.br ([]) by SNT0-MC3-F12.Snt0.hotmail.com with Microsoft SMTPSVC(6.0.3790.4900);
    Tue, 24 Apr 2012 11:15:01 -0700

    Origin IP Address = = SERCOMTEL S/A TELECOMUNICACOES, Internet by Sercomtel S.A., Brazil

    Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2012 15:15:29 -0300
    To: destinatarios nao divulgados
    From: Celina Hiromi Tamaki Ota - Aprovacao de Projetos - Obras <celina.ota@londrina.pr.gov.br>
    Subject: Please kindly Reply to My Email: (salarichm@gmail.com)
    Return-Path: celina.ota@londrina.pr.gov.br

    Telephone: +34 688 219 721
    Email: salarichm@gmail.com
    Date: 23 April, 2012.

    Good Day,

    I am Mrs Magda Salarich, I am the Administrative manager at a Vault of a
    Financial & Security Institute here in Barcelona. I am contacting you based
    on a financial opportunity I discovered here in our bank. It’s about an
    abandoned sum of Twenty six million seven hundred thousand united state dollars
    in our safety deposit vault, that belongs to one of our foreign customers,
    a citizen of your country who died along with his entire family on 11th March 2005 in a
    ghastly car accident in Porto Portugal

    The banking policy can only allow the release of such funds to a
    benefactor through an application as next of kin to the deceased. After
    his death, the bank has been expecting a possible beneficiary, but no
    luck, this institute has exploited all its ethical possibilities in other
    to contact his possible relation or inheritor, but no success. Since no
    one has come up since six years, I have made my own research with the help
    of a private investigator ,it is my knowledge that this man has been
    leaving in Barcelona for the past 22yrs and has never returned back home.
    I also learnt that his wife and 3year old daughter died with him during
    this accident. I am almost 110% sure that no one is aware of the existence
    of these funds.

    However, because of the international financial crises, a lot of reform
    has been made within the Spanish Financial system, this includes the new
    law on succession/claims which indicates a duration in which such
    inheritance could be tolerated. The Bank of Spain has mandated our
    institute to release the funds to the possible inheritor, Failure to
    respond to this ultimatum would legally allow the Bank of Spain confiscate
    these funds as unclaimed estate (Which of course would go straight to the
    Government's pocket)

    It is therefore upon this entire discovery that I have decided to contact
    you. I want you to know that I am a senior member of this office. As an
    insider, I am equipped with all classified secret information regarding
    the release of these funds. I would be dedicated to making sure that I
    feed you with all possible documentation and information required for the
    approval and release of these funds. Upon your acceptance to cooperate, I
    agreed that 40% of this money will be for you, 50% for me and 10% goes to
    any acceptable charity organisation in Spain or your country

    Please note that I have ONLY discussed this with my husband. For time
    difference and confidential reasons, I strongly advise that you
    communicate with me via my husband’s contact details above, this should be
    done firstly via email and fax. Immediately you get in touch with me, I
    would be able to inform you on how this could be concluded.

    In conclusion, it’s my concern to demand your ultimate honesty,
    co-operation and confidentiality to enable us conclude this transaction. I
    GUARANTEE that this process would be executed under a legitimate
    arrangement that would legally protect you from any breach of law.

    Please kindly Reply to My Email: (salarichm@gmail.com)

    Mrs. Magda Salarich.
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    Exclamation Same letter..

    My mother received that same message but in the mail. She told me to message this so cal person that wanted her information. I had to fill it out because Mum can be so stubborn if I didn't. I couldn't believe it so I start researching her. How can I get her out of this mess? The last message she received was this one.
    From: Magda Salarich
    Telephone: 01134 634 079 850
    Fax: 01134 917 692 812

    Good day

    Thank you for providing me with the required information to proceed. We are pleased to learn that you have given us your trust. I wish to acquaint you with the procedure involved in all these. I have now secretly filled the forms here in our bank as I told you, now my husband will take your information to the court immediately for confirmation after which the court will issue you the indemnity transfer of rights and privileges. This legal document will confer on you the beneficiary rights in relation to the investment.

    Once legal document has been issued, my husband will take it over to the probate office and apply for a letter of administration. The probate office will then contact us (holding/security deposit bank) to furnish them with balances on the late customer's account where applicable. This final balance is what we will put in the application. This application will then be placed on the notice board for 24 hours. This is to enable any member of the public who has a query against our claim to do so. Once this is done successfully, you will be issued a letter of administration for our bank to release the funds to you.

    I will inform you as soon as the indemnity transfer of rights and privileges has been issued by the high court.

    PS: I am also sending you a copy of my passport, so that you know who you are dealing with better and I hope you do not disappoint me in future.

    Kindly acknowledge the receipt of this letter. Have a nice day ahead.

    Thanks and God bless.

    Magda Salarich

    I need help.

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    The most important thing is to stop ALL communications with them. Please do not respond to their emails or telephone calls. It's best to just delete the emails from them.
    Silence is the scammer's best friend; knowledge is the scammer's worst enemy. 沈黙は詐欺師のよき友達、知識は詐欺師の天敵。Think globally, act globally.

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    Question Thanks

    Thank you for the heads up. I will start deleting the messages now though wouldn't it be good to save as evidence in case of something (I don't know. For example what if their scam was caught and they needed people to testify? Just a thought though.. I can over think things too much at times) But no reason in keeping it, huh?

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    Question Thanks

    Thank you. I will start deleting the emails immediately but before I do wouldn't it be good to keep it as evidence or something? (For example if the court/government/etc. finally catches them and their scam. Wouldn't it be useful to testify against them? Just a random thought though..) So it's best to just delete it, huh?

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    The only useful information might be from the email header but even that doesn't tell us very much. There is no reason to keep the emails. You will be receiving more. You can delete those also. Or post them here and then delete them.
    Silence is the scammer's best friend; knowledge is the scammer's worst enemy. 沈黙は詐欺師のよき友達、知識は詐欺師の天敵。Think globally, act globally.

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    @Castro606. Welcome to AFI. The advice from Miyuki is excellent and the best thing is to stop ALL contact with the scammer.
    Once a scammer has received a reply, they could continue to try to keep in contact to try to steal from you.

    If you stop all contact with them, they will eventually realize they will not be getting any money and look for another person to scam and so leave you alone.
    However there is a chance that their scammer friends could also send scam emails to you. Please just ignore these as well.

    I hope that your mother fully understands that there is NO money and the emails are scams?
    One of the dangers, is that it can be easy to believe a scammer and think only about the good that one could do with a large amount of money, the idea that it MAY be true can lead to a bad situation.

    As mothers are caring people, it can be hard for them to understand how a scammer can be so evil and lie and cheat in order to steal money like this.

    Please make sure your mother understands that there is NO money and it is all a scam to steal HER money from her. Thank you for caring and looking after your mother in this matter.
    *What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.*

    "The law in the book can go byte itself in the ass. Watch it byte mine!" - Chandra Sekhar Sathyadas.

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    @Miyuki. Thank you for the help and I have successfully deleted the emails.
    @De Master Yoda. Thanks for the welcome and advice. I have told my mother about the whole scam and she is grateful for the help and warning. She has been scammed in the past by so cal sweepstakes but she didn't believe the letter that was sent to her was one. I really appreciate the help on here.

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