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Thread: Barrister Philip Micheal

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    Barrister Philip Micheal

    From barr Philip micheal
    Return-Path: <gilberto.vecchio@alice.it>
    Received: from, Indonesia, Jakarta, Pt. First Media Tbk
    Date: Thu, 16 May 2013
    From: barrPhilipmicheal <gilberto.vecchio@alice.it>
    Reply-To: [atmcardpayment410@yahoo.fr]
    Subject: Contact Dhl Claim Your Atm Visa Card

    Good News To You,
    I have registered the ATM MASTER CARD with Dhl COMPANY this morning as we agreed and the delivery will take off tomorrow morning

    morning based on my agreement with Dhl Director Johnson Darry Hall MOST IMPORTANT: reconfirm your current delivery address to him then contact him via the following email: {atmcardpayment410@yahoo.fr} Your amount in the Card is US$2.8 Million and the Pin code of your ATM CARD is: {0609}

    Barr. Philip Micheal
    419- You can check out any time you want but you can never leave!
    And don't take off your shoes!

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    Return-Path: <victor@ringo.cm>
    Received: from, Lagos, Nigeria, Visafone Communications Limited
    Date: Fri, 24 May 2013
    From: "Mr. Donald Ruff" <victor@ringo.cm>
    Reply-To: "diplomatdonaldruff2@gmail.com" <diplomatdonaldruff2@gmail.com>
    Message-ID: <1439_________________________________root@mail.ri ngo.cm>
    Subject: Attention Sir/Madam

    Attention Sir/Madam


    Greetings to you. I am Barrister Philip Micheal, I work with FEDEX Delivery company here in Malaysia, A delivery Agent by name Mr. John Williams came down last week from your country with a package that contained Atm Master Card worth of $5.5 Million Dollars. He submitted the package to our office on his arrival for safe keeping and later his body was found dead in a ghastly auto crash in the city. We have sent the package back to your country via diplomatic services because there is no other way to locate you in respect of the package.

    The only information we have about you is your email address/name which he wrote somewhere in the document attached to the package. So we are emailing you in respect of this to know if you are the rightful owner of the Atm Mater Card so that you can contact the assigned diplomat who arrived your country with your package a while ago. Please if you are the owner, kindly contact the diplomat Mr. Richard Peterson Ruff by E-mail (diplomatdonaldruff2@gmail.com) Mobile: +601126364730 and reconfirm your full information such as your name your home address, your contact phone number and nearest airport include your Id to enable him deliver the package to you safely; I anticipate your update once you get in contact with the diplomat.

    Best Regards.
    Barr. Philip Micheal.
    Silence is the scammer's best friend; knowledge is the scammer's worst enemy. 沈黙は詐欺師のよき友達、知識は詐欺師の天敵。Think globally, act globally.

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