From Mrs. Jennifer Larry
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Subject: Congratulations you are a winner today
Date: Fri, 9 Aug 2013

As part of our Lottery Awareness Bonanza for year 2013, we just carried out “ACTIVE EMAIL ADDRESSES” computer draws in some regions. Note that the computer draws were based strictly and randomly on active email addresses of users that never played our lotteries this year.

You have won Four Million, Six Hundred Thousand USA dollars (US$4.6 Million) only. Your email address drew the Winning Number 03 30 86 32 34 71 33. This makes you an international winner in your region. For details, guidance and processing of your payment, please contact the Claims/Processing Officer, MR. AZMI BIN HARUN by email immediately (quoting your WINNING NUMBER AND PERSONAL CLAIMS INFORMATION).

To contact MR. AZMI BIN HARUN click reply after reading this message and you will see his email address.

Mrs. Jennifer Larry.