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Subject: Partnership Proposal:
Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2013

Subject: Partnership Proposal:

Urgent Partnership Proposal: Please read attachment for details.

I am making this partnership proposal to you in strict confidence. I am writing following an opportunity in my office
that will be of immense benefit to both of us. I am a manager in one of the leading banks in my country South
Africa. In the branch that I managed I discovered an abandoned large sum of money (US$16.4Million) in a dormant
account belonging to one of our foreign clients.
My findings revealed that the original owner of the account is dead. Since the death of the owner long ago the
account has been dormant and nobody has come forward to claim the funds. I also discover that the deceased has
known next of kin according to the bank records.
Since I have all necessary information needed to claim the funds, can I present you as the heir to the deceased before
the bank? Your physical presence here is not a priority as all the claim procedures will be done through a proxy. If
you would like to work with me to claim the funds, then indicate your interest after which we shall both discuss the
modalities and the sharing percentage. I will appreciate if you could contact me through my direct email address:
[] to register your interest.
I urge you to send me the following information (full name, phone number, age and country) to enable me start the
Looking forward to a good business relationship with you,
Mr. Ronald Thwala.