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Thread: Rev. James Robinson

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    Rev. James Robinson

    From Rev James
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    Subject: Can you work for me !!!!
    Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2013

    Dear Friend

    Please take your time to read this message; although i know you will be amazed at the level of trust that i am willing to place on someone I have never seen nor spoken with before. It is my condition that has prompted me to do so. I have been disowned by the people I lived my productive life serving, Catholics!

    Please my friend, i want you to swear an oath of secrecy never to mention this to any body not even your spouse must learn of this, you must uphold this information am about to share with utmost confidentiality, fasten and prayer. If this information get's into the wrong hands or into the hand of the wrong catholic they will go to any length to jeopardize this course

    My name is Rev. James Robinson, I am a 75 years old catholic priest of over 25 years. I was framed for sexual offenses against minors in 1985. This was the work of my enemies who were against the reforms I pushed for in the Catholic church.

    I was sentenced in October 2010, after hiding in the USA for a long time. Since then I have been battling with a heart condition and I know I cannot live any longer than I have done. I've decided to release to you the total sum of $8,970,000.00 (Eight million Nine Hundred and seventy Thousand us dollars) deposited in a offshore bank. I had wanted to use this money to set up an orphanage but since it is clear that may not live to achieve this, i want to bequeath this money to you so that you will help me accomplish this dream.

    As a Catholic priest, I had no child, no wife, and no family. The church i trusted all my life on has failed me, so I have no other option as my days on earth are numbered. It's true we don't receive emails like this every day, but today is a different day for you. I will turn 75 years a day after tomorrow.

    I took this decision because I was raised in an Orphanage, i do not have relatives and thirdly, i will soon be undergoing a major heart surgery of which i do not think i will survive any more knife in the theater. this is why I have decided to contact you so that you can help me fulfill my last wish. As soon as i receive your reply indicating your interest, i will furnish you will all the detail information's you would require to claim this money from the bank as my next of kin.

    Rev. James Robinson

    NB: Please remember to include your full contact information's phone number(s) and address, if you are willing to help me with this noble call.
    Go ahead, make my day.

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    Same as above.

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    From: "Rev. James Robinson" ~rev.jamesrobs@gmail.com>
    Subject: Noble Call
    "Though the pen is mightier than the sword, the sword speaks louder and stronger at any given moment." - Sir Roger Fenwick

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