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Greetings! I received your request for information. In response to your question enclosed you will find more details about the current opportunity along with the Employment Agreement. This current opportunity is available immediately. We hope you will become a member of our team because you match our qualifications and we look forward to working with you.We have new tasks in your area starting now.
1)Jobs Description, responsibilities, salary level and the requirements to candidates are published on the website on the Jobs page. Please check the website at jobs page for more documents .

http: //zs24761. pokaye. com /reg

2) If you are available to get started - please fill at the enclosed Employment Agreement sign or fill in electronically and forward it back via email. We will verify it has been received and contact you back with information on how to proceed/continue.
Your next step is to APPLY ONLINE.
Should you have any questions after visiting our website - and couldn't find the right answers on the site - do not hesitate to email me directly. We will send you the answer personally or will add it to the FAQ answer you about it. checkout our website you will find address below
Sincerely,Tony Peters