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Thread: African Police links

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    African Police links

    If you need to contact a police agency in your country, you might find a link here. Please note that we try and keep these links up to date, but if you find a dead link or one that has changed, please PM to admins so we can update them.

    A short explanation on the Botswana Police Force is found at the Government's webpage: http://www.gov.bw/index.php?option=c...otswana_police

    The Ghana Police Service webpage is here in English: [link inactive]

    The Malawi Police Service can be found at the government webpage in English at: http://www.malawi.gov.mw/Home%20Affa...e%20Police.htm

    The webpage of the Nigerian Economic and Financial Crimes Commission is found here (in English): http://www.efccnigeria.org/

    South Africa
    The South African Police Service (SAPS) webpage in English is found here: http://www.saps.gov.za/
    The South African Revenue Service (SARS) webpage in English is found here: http://www.sars.gov.za/

    A page from the government website featuring information about the Zambian Police Service and other law enforcement is here: http://www.statehouse.gov.zm/index.p...d=41&Itemid=41
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