3D printer skimmer

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    Authorities believe that this skimmer device was created with
    the help of a 3D printer. If you are wondering what this is, let me answer that one for you: 3D printers convert 2D pictures of your choice to real life three dimensional objects. The material that 3D printers
    use as ink is actually plastic. The printer lays down different layers of plastic and voala, the picture you are printing is now standing in 3D right in front of your eyes!
    All this means that the thieves downloaded pictures of an ATM card acceptance slot and the mechanism
    behind it and printed them using a 3D printer. Scary, huh? Almost everyone can do it! Whatever bank
    you are client of, remember, never use ATM stations that look like they have been tampered with. They
    are an information security risk and this might cost you everything you’ve got in your bank account!

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