419 means jail time.

Discussion in '419 means jail time' started by De Master Yoda, Sep 20, 2013.

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  1. De Master Yoda

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    Dear members. This thread has been set up for us to post about scammers being arrested, charged and put in prison. :cool: Please post about named scammers.

    Please limit posts to these topics as far as possible. it should be a record of what the results of scamming are and show that such stealing and scamming is not acceptable in a civilised society.

    I hope that potential scammers will see this thread and work it out for themselves, that it is not a wise life choice to scam, as there are inevitable results and they WILL be caught and put in prison for hopefully a long time and that their ill-gotten gains will be confiscated.

    Law enforcement are now doing a fantastic job and working with their colleagues across the globe, so there are now no places that the scammers can hide.

    To the actual and potential scammers, take a good look at this thread, and make a wise decision NOT to scam, as you will have to pay the price. Usually a long time in some horrendous prison cell.
    All the scammers shown here all thought that it could not happen to them and it came as quite a shock to them to be classed as a common criminal and sent to prison.
    This is the inevitable result of being a scammer.

    Rest assured the odds are now stacked against you and you WILL pay for your crimes.
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  3. De Master Yoda

    De Master Yoda Administrator Staff Member

    Prison is waiting for these scammers.

  4. basenji

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    Yes, keep in mind that Kirikiri is not a hotel: it's often clear when you're supposed to check in, but the exact check out time is not always given.
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