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    Return-Path: <ubacustomercare30@gmail.com>
    Received: from mail-qt0-f196.google.com (mail-qt0-f196.google.com [])From: customer care30 <ubacustomercare30@gmail.com>
    Date: Sat, 3 Dec 2016
    Subject: Hello My Dear,

    Hello My Dear,

    How are you doing today hope fine? with you and your family over their, You might think that i have forgotten you, Though its indeed quite a long time, On my singular, I am much delighted and privileged to contact you again after couple of time now. It takes fate, courage and God's fearing to remember old friends and at the same time, to show gratification to them despite circumstances that made things not worked out as we projected then.

    I take this liberty to inform you that the transaction we were pursuing together has finally worked out by God's infinite mercy and I decided to contact you just to let you know that I have conscience as a human being. Due to your tremendous contribution to make things workout in retrospect. Meanwhile, I must inform you that, I am presently in Portugal with my husband who helped me achieve this goal for numerous business negotiations and establishment. I just arrived yesterday night and checked in a hotel since then i give then cheque to the servant of God which he did not fulfill to deliver the cheque to you and decided to go down to the hotel business center to mail you but do not respond me back due to i hide myself to write these mail to you.

    With my sincere heart, I have raised and signed an International Cashier's Bank Draft to the tune of $ 450,000.00 USD (FOUR HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS) only in your name as compensation to your past effort towards helping my dedication, humanity and contribution, as it were.

    Please, contact the United Bank of Africa where i dropped the Cheque. I have instructed the bank to transfer the fund to you. The bank contact information is as stated below

    Contact Person-----------Dr. Paul Harrison (UBA)
    Bank Email Address----( ubacustomerscare38@gmail.com)
    Contact Phone----------+221707430262

    They will send the fund through Through their ATM Visa Card fund Transfer.. Feel free to reach him via this very mail address immediately, Your early response to that effect shall be admired. You have to mind the days on route shipment. It will be nice to send an email to the bank as soon as possible .. Accept this offer, i give it form the deep of my heart .

    Sincerely Yours .

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