A Yahoozee Christmas

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by Gentle Giant, Dec 21, 2016.

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    Smith Jones and Kringle Kris sing yahoozee Christmas favorites. Okay, well, they howl a lot and... okay, yeah, they won't sing until you send $29.95 plus shipping and handling by Western Union or Money Gram... (Also available on Scam Tunes.)

    The Little Dumber Boy
    I Saw Mommy going to Money gram
    Oh Little Town of Festac
    Money Gram is Coming to Town
    Joy 2 de Boyz
    Kelvin the Red-Faced Scammer
    I’ll be Homely for Christmas
    All I Want for Christmas is Cash
    12 Scams of Christmas
    Jingle Cash
    There’s No Place like Westy for the Holidays


    And...order before midnight tonight and receive this bonus album, Yahoozee Classics, featuring the Festac Festival Orchestra performing such forgettable classics as:
    Wenn ich kein Geld habe, from Die Meisterscammer (not-Wagner)
    Wo, o wo ist mein mugu?, from Lowenbrau (not-Wagner)
    Non ci sono soldi oggi, from Il truffatore di Siviglia (not-Rossini)
    Fingal's Internet Cafe Overture (not-Mendelssohn)
    Symphony 5 in E minor "From the Scam World" (not-Dvořák)
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    ...and the Par-tridge Fa-mi-ly!

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