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Date: Sun, 05 Aug
From: Abdul Qadeer Fitrat <suppportinvestment@mail.info>
Subject: Attention Please Reply Asap
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I believe this world is a free place to do business with anyone with my experience. I got your email address from a business guest book andi have ask my personal assistance to contact you.

Please consider this and read about me online news as i am in a secret place. I am Afghan central bank governor and name is Abdul Qadeer Fitrat.


I have refunded back part of the funds but i need to secure my future by keeping $60,000,000.00 Million in a safe bank account. I can't travel or do open business with people but i need a secret partner to help and receive this funds for investment.

I will give you my personal bank officer contact details to contact secretly for the claim of $60,000.000.00 Million. You will receive this funds and use it for investment purpose.

I hope I can trust you.

Allah bless you,

Yours faithfully,
Abdul Qadeer Fitrat