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    Ghana's Former Communication Minister Omane Boamah said. "This is a convenient way for the new government to justify the purchase of new vehicles".

    Ghana's new government is trying to track down more than 200 cars missing from the president's office, a government spokesman has said.

    The ruling party counted the cars a month after taking power following victory in December's elections.

    After previous transfers of power, state-owned cars have been seized from officials who did not return them.

    A minister in the former government said the implied allegation of wrongdoing by his colleagues was false.

    Presidential spokesman Eugene Arhin told the press that officials could only find:
    • 74 of the presidency's 196 Toyota Land Cruisers
    • 20 of the 73 Toyota Land Cruiser Prados
    • 11 of the 24 Mercedes
    • two of the 28 Toyota Avalons
    • two of the six BMWs.
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