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Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2018
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Subject: Dear customer

Dear customer

Your first payment of $3,000 out of your total fund of $900,000 Usd has been sent today via Money gram.You are advise to Contact Money gram office with your full information to enable them give you the Sender full Name, Question and Answer to pick up your First $3,000

(Reference number) #83595143)
Sender's Last Name:Nguyen

Click the link, Track It With The Last Name On It (Nguyen) You will understand that it is ready for pick up. you are to send $50 for the IMF payment release order before you can pick up the payment

I will wait for your respond so that i will send you the details where and how to send the fee send it true itunes card or Western Union

Money Gram Office

Best Regard
Mr. Adam William