Aisha Abu, Syria

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Subject: Assistance Needed
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From: "Aisha Abu" <>
Date: Fri, 04 May 2018


I know this message might come to you as a surprise. My name is Aisha Abu I am 22years old girl, single, from Syria. I wish to go into business partnership with you, if you give me the opportunity. I have 139kg of gold which I inherited from my late father, who use to be a gold miner before he died. I have already contacted a gold buyer from your country who wish to buy the gold at the rate of $35, 000 per kilo, which amount to $4,550,000 Four Million Five Hundred and Fifty Thousand US dollars) and he will be paying through your local bank account on my behalf because I cannot receive money here in Syria.

I will dispatch the gold from here through a delivery company, once the gold arrives in your country the delivery company will contact you and you will in turn contact the buyer. Both of you shall be present upon delivery of the gold so he can immediately transfer the fund to your account upon confirmation of the gold.

All I want is that we get to know each other first before we conclude this transaction. This business is risk free as everything has been put in place.

I do not trust the buyer of the gold to keep my money for me and although I do not know you personally yet I do not have any choice but to trust you. I will give you more details upon your response.

Aisha Abu