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    Dear Sir/Madam
    Good day and God Bless you.Rhema For 2Day, a daily devotional sharing the BLESSING and changing lives by the gospel is here again.We are glad to inform you that Rhema For 2Day is three years online now,changine lives and sharing the BLESSING of the Lord to millions around the world via our daily teachings and admonition via the word of God.You too, can enjoy of these boundless BLESSING.Are you downcast,frustrated,sick,discouraged,addicted to drugs or just about to pack up? Then you can subscribe to our daily teachings via our email address .
    Millions are yet in the valley of decision, some are about to take their lives now others are languishing in the kingdom of darkness with no hope of living the devils Doman, but we are charged by God to bring deliverance and succor to them by the gospel. We need your token sacrifice to do this, everyone can not be a full time online evangelist. But, your seed offering(token sacrifice from the heart of love can send the gospel around the world),we count on you to be part of changing the lives of millions around the globe via this ministry.
    Be sure to know this, you are our partner in this regard(in BLESSING and Receiving)0 and every BLESSING accrued to this ministry you become a bonafide partner in it Phillipians 1:2-7, and you can take a draw on it anytime by FAITH.
    You can join us on https://web.facebook.com/rhemfor2Day/ or email us directly for daily update
    Akhidimen O.Lance
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    He's got a domain now but it looks dead.

    Return-Path: eddy_cahyanto@cbn.net.id
    From: Rhema For 2day info@rhemaf2day.org
    Reply-To: rhemafor2da@net-c.com
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