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I am need yours letter.
Friday, 1 July, 2011 19:22
"Alla Girl" <>

Hello my future friend!
I write to you the letter. And very much I hope to receive the reply from you.
Because it is very important for me. Also I hope that in the future my letter will make you happy.
My name is Alla. Me 29 years old. I was born in Rus. And now I live here.
I the beautiful woman. But still not met present love in RU.
But now I would like to tell more about my message to you.
The purpose in that that I shall soon have holiday from my work and I wish to visit the European country.
Also I shall receive my visa. And we could have a meeting.
Any country in the Western Europe. But my favorite United Kingdom.
I always dreamed to visit this fine country.
But I to not have friends or relatives in the Western Europe or United Kingdom.
And consequently I have decided to write to you the letter.
For this purpose I have addressed in agency of acquaintances in my city. I live in city Glazov.
And this agency to give me yours mailbox.
Whether I do not know you are lonely. And whether to search you the woman for itself.
But I ask...
I ask you to write to me the message.
Because I very much would like to find the man which searches for love.
I think that it very romantically.
I when did not write the letter through the Internet earlier. But I of willows that so I can find the happiness.
Also I hope that you will write to me even 1 letter.
Also you can answer my questions.
- In what country you live now? In what city?
- You wish to meet the woman from Russian Federation?
- Your heart is lonely now?

I hope that my letter will not complicate you and you to answer and send me the photo.
I send you my foto .... I hope you like see my foto?
I think that you will love my photo.

Please, answer only to my personal e-mail: <>

The best regards,
Yours Alla.

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From Alla
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From: "Alla" <>
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2017
Subject: hi

Hi , my name is Alla and i'm from Russia, but currently living in the USA.
Two weeks ago I found your profile on Badoo and must say I cant forget that face :-)
You are super cute and I would like to know you more!
If its mutual, email me, this is my email and I will send some of my photos.