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Received: from (EHLO (
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Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2018
From: "" <>
Subject: Billing Problem#28892

There seems a prοblem verifying your credit card billing information, please update your accοunt information so that you can cοntinue to enjoy all the benefits of your amazοn accοunt.

If you don't update your infοrmation within 36 hοurs we'll limit your amazοn accοunt.

Please log in to your amazοn account and cοnfirm your identity. Your quick response will help to restore your amazοn account.

update my accοunt >

To help protect your amazοn accοunt, no one can make orders. In addition, no one can add money to your accοunt, remove credit cards, send refunds, or close your accοunt.

What to do
Log in to your amazοn accοunt as sοοn as pοssible. We may ask you to cοnfirm infοrmation you provided when you created your amazοn account to make sure you're the account holder.
You should also do the following for your own protection:

Check your account details (address, email, phone number, etc.) to make sure they're correct.
Review your account activity to make sure you recognise the orders made recently.

Report any unknown or unauthorised activity. Go to the Resolution Centre and click Dispute a Transaction.

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Subject: Did you buy this item?
From: Amazon <> ( - NOT IN SCAMMER RANGE - RUSSIA)

Thank you for your order. We will keep you informed by e-mail when items of your order have been shipped. Your estimated delivery date is shown below.

Delivery :
Monday 02 July -
Thursday 05 July

Your delivery method :

Your shipping preferences :
Send each item as soon as it is available.
Your order will be shipped to :
2139 James Street
New York, 14476
United States

Recipient :
Edward G Jacobs

Details of the order
Order Number : 402-7073608-2968319
Ordered on June 27, 2018
Apple iPhone 7 Unlocked Phone 128 GB (Black)
Sold by Amazon.
USD 601,90
Subtotal of articles : USD 601,90
Shipping cost : USD 5,79

Total amount of order : USD 607,69
Selected payment method : Credit card
It's not me. I did not make this order? Click here to get refund of your order (url: http :// kapriz -podolsk. ru/profiles /standard/r. php)

We hope to see you soon.

Please note that this message was sent to you from an address that can not receive e-mails. Please do not reply.


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From: Lynn Peters <>
Subject: Your payment has been declined trouble authorizing your Account Please verify or update your payment method.
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2018

Payment Declined

Hello User's,

We are having problem authorizing your Account Please verify or update your payment method. If your payment information is correct, please contact your bank for more details.* Valid payment information must be received now, otherwise your order will be canceled, and your account will be closed

Update your payment method

Order Details

Order #108-2230866-7520239