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    From:, [​IMG] Netherlands, WorldStream B.V.
    Return-Path: sender@plashukensa.ru_
    From: "Elegant"
    Subject: Don't miss this message
    To: "angel608"
    Date: Sat, 1 Jul 2017

    Hi from Novodvinsk city!
    I think you met moment in your life when you get lonely and sad.
    At this moment I have the same thing.
    My colleague told me that I should date and loneliness will disappear.
    I decided to try it!
    Now I tell about myself.
    Now I am 28.
    I am 176 cm tall (5.77 ft). 60 kg(132.3 lbs) is my weight
    Astrologial sign is Aquarius.
    I dream of pure love.
    And I am writing to you now.
    I do not drink, do not smoke, do different sports.
    I hesitate to say my name right now cause I little bit shy.
    If you answer, I will be happy to tell you my name.
    If you do not wish to talk, you can simply write me no or not write.
    So with this I will live my life.
    I am waiting for your letter, if you want to get dating further.

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